Groups and timetable for the Challenge and GT Days 2022

Dear friends, only a few days to go to our Challenge and GT Days 2022. Here you find the groups and timatable. The registration is still possible HERE

General informations about the event HERE

Groups and eligible Ferraris*

Group 1 – All Road going Ferraris including the Ferrari Club Austria

Group 2 – 1993 to 2006: Ferrari Challenge/GT – Challenge 348/355/360/430 inkl. the Michelotto 348 GTC / LMs, the 360 Challenge and GTs N-GT, GT, GTC and 430 GT3/GT2 (on invitation for Maserati Ghibli Open Cup and Trofeo Race Cars). Also Ferrari 512 BB LM, F40 GT/LM/GTE, 333 SP, 550 GTC, 575 GTC and similar GTs incl. the and Maserati MC 12 GT1 (please ask for different and older Ferraris)

Group 3 – 2006 to 2021: Ferrari Challenge/GT – 430/458/488 Challenge inkl. 430 GT3/GT2, 458 GT3/GT2 and 488 Challenge/GT3/GT2

Group 4 – Endurance Racing Legends or similar racing cars from the 1990s to the 2000s. Mc Laren, Mercedes, Porsche etc. – WELCOME!

Group 5 – Cavallino Classic Cup RACE – Ferrari Challenge 348 to 458 Evo

* The final grouping will take place at the event and can be changed any time


*Timetable Day One Tuesday 7st June – Drivetime:

08.30-08.55  Drivers meeting (mandatory)

09.00 – 9.25 Group 1

09.30 – 10.25 Group 2

10.30 – 11.30 Group 3 and 4

11.35 – 12.00 Group 5 – Cavallino Classic Cup Free Practice

12.00-13.00 Lunch break

13.00 –13.25 Group 1

13.30 – 14.00 Group 2

14.05 – 14.55 Group 3 and 4

15.00 – 15.20 Group 1

15.25 – 15.45 Group 5 Cavallino Classic Cup Qualifying 1

15.50 – 17.20 Open pitlane for group 2, 3 and 4

17.25 -18.00 Foto session at the starting grid

*The schedule is not fixed and can be adapted any time


The gala evening by Scuderia GOHM with the charity auction for “Wings for Life” starts at 8pm at the Hotel Schloss Gabelhofen (around 10 min. away from the race track) 


*Timetable Day Two Wednesday 8nd June – Drivetime:

09.00 – 9.25 Group 1

09.30 – 09.50 Group 5 Cavallino Classic Cup Qualifying 2

09.55 – 11.55 Open pitlane group 2, 3 and 4

12.00 – 13.00 Lunch break

13.00 – 13.25 Group 1

13.30 – 14.20 Group 2, 3 and 4

14.25 – 14.40 Cavallino Classic Cup Pre- Race Grid

14.40 – 15.25 Cavallino Classic Cup RACE

15.35 – 16.00 Group 1

*The schedule is not fixed and can be adapted any time

Cavallino Classic Cup – Registration, Sporting- and Technical Regulations

Cavallino Classic Cup is Canossa’s new offer for all Ferraristi with a racing soul, who want to dust their glorious cars off and breathe the scent of petrol and tires.

For this first year CANOSSA is offering three dates with three different and dedicated formats. The races are open to five generations of Ferrari Challenge cars, from the 348 to the fantastic 458 EVO.

A unique driving adventure designed for bringing new life to the excellence and history of the Ferrari Challenge models and enabling these wonderful creatures to unleash their maximum power back on track. Enjoy this fun-filled experience made of unrestrained emotions!

The racing format of the racetrack experience at the Red Bull Ring includes:

  • 25’ free practice (1 round of 25′)
  • 2×20’ qualifying (2 rounds of 20′)
  • 45’ race (1 race of 45′, including 5′ of pit-stop)

The starting grid is based on the qualifying best time of the two sessions.

Application: For registration, apply HERE

Race Documents: Sporting and Technical Regulations (Pending approval by Aci Sport) HERE

For more informations about the Cup, please contact Canossa Events at

General information about the Cavallino Classic Cup HERE and the event at the Red Bull Ring HERE

+++Cavallino Classic Cup 2022+++Challenge and GT Days goes RACING+++

Dear friends, we are extremely proud to be part oft he brand new „Cavallino Classic Cup“ by Canossa Events. Five generartions of Ferrari Challenge cars, from the 348 to the fantastic 458 Evo are aligeble for the racing series.

The Red Bull Ring in June with our Challenge and GT Days will be the first meeting of this brand new series for Ferrari Challenge cars. The Challenge and GT Days are still no RACE, so there will be no time keeping for group 1,2, 3 and 4, it is rather a „come together” for friends and family without any noise limits. Details about the event HERE

The power and the elegance of the Prancing Horse meet the adrenaline and dynamism of the best circuits in a unique and spectacular racing series addressed to iconic Ferrari Challenge models, as 348, 355, 360, 430 and 458.

CALENDAR for 2022

June 7-8 – Red Bull Ring (Challenge and GT Days)

Sept. 30-October 1 – Varano

October 22-23 – Misano

For 2023 there are 5 races planed

Description for the Red Bull Ring Race

The racing format of the racetrack experience includes (can be changed any time):

  • 2 rounds of 25min free practices/qualifying (first day 7th of June)
  • 1 round of 20min qualifying (8th of June before lunch)
  • 1 race of 40min after lunch (20min race – 5min in the pits – driver change possible – 20min race)

All details, the application, the sporting- and technical regulations and all informations are following soon. General information about the Challenge and GT Days HERE

An engaging and challenging competition specifically designed for the most passionate Ferraristi, a fun-filled experience made of unrestrained emotions!

For more informations, please contact Canossa Events at

Info about the Cavallino Classic Cup HERE at CANOSSA Events



For sale – Ferrari F430 GTC Michelotto Prototyp


Details about the car HERE at

Asking price is EUR 850.000,–

Verkauft wird ein seltener Ferrari F430 GTC Protyp (Michelotto).

Das gegenständliche Fahrzeug ist ein historisch bedeutender Ferrari, da es sich um den Prototyp der Ferrari 430 GT2 Rennwagen handelt. Das Wettbewerbsfahrzeug befindet sich in Originalzustand mit geringen Gebrauchsspuren, frisch serviciert von Michelotto in Padova. (Ferrari Classiche zertifiziert)

Spezifische Fahrzeughistorie:

Chassis 2404 ist der erste jemals gebaute 430 GTC und wurde von Ferrari SpA als Prototyp/Entwicklungsfahrzeug und als einer der ersten Werkswagen eingesetzt. Folgt man der typischen Nomenklatur der Ferrari-Fahrgestellnummern, könnte man meinen, dass 2402 das erste gebaute Auto ist. Aber aus nicht bekannten Gründen hat Michelotto, der die GT-Rennwagen für Ferrari baut, immer die xx04 für Prototyp verwendet. Auch ist der 2404 der einzige Wagen, der nach seiner aktiven Karriere direkt von Ferrari verkauft wurde, alle anderen Wagen wurden von verschiedenen Rennteams verkauft. Neben vielen Test-, Entwicklungs- und Homologationsarbeiten wurde der 2404 auch von Ferrari SpA / AF Corse (dem Ferrari-Werksteam) in mehreren Rennen mit Fahrern wie Bruni, Vilander, Melo, Parente und Barba eingesetzt. “Jimmi” Bruni ist heute als einer der erfolgreichsten GT-Fahrer aller Zeiten bekannt.