For Sale – 488 Challenge – Brand New – Zero Mileage – Passenger Seat Fitted

The 488 Challenge has multiple aerodynamic changes over a standard car. Whereas in previous years a 430 Challenge may have only be differentiated by its wheels externally, the 488 has among other changes, a different front bumper, bonnet, side vents and most noticeable, a large rear spoiler

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The long standing successes of the Ferrari Challenge Series have helped see the continued development of both road and race going variants since. With its origins in 1993, the series sought to offer Ferrari customers an introduction to racing through a single-marque race series. Starting with the 348, development has seen interations of the 360, 430, 458 and now a Challenge offering of their latest and greatest road car yet, the 488 GTB.

The 488 Challenge is the first turbocharged model to compete in the Ferrari Challenge series, and as a result, also the most powerful Challenge car to date. Closely related to the road going variant, the 488 Challenge boasts the same 670hp 3.9litre V8 as the road car. Ferrari have however, made some changes to the engine mapping as well as swapping in shorter ratios to the twin-clutch gearbox.

Ferrari says that with these changes in place, the Challenge car can go from a standstill to maximum revs in fourth gear in just 6.0 seconds. Ferrari notably re-calibrated the 488’s electronic driver aids, adding a two-phase control system for the traction control. With the Ferrari Challenge designed to be an approachable start to motorsport, the system offers one knob on the steering wheel which allows the driver to set when the system will intervene, and a second regulates the aggressiveness of intervention.

Ferrari also gave the 488 Challenge a more aggressive aerodynamics package inspired by the 488 GTE, a race car built with professionals in mind. The 488 Challenge has multiple aerodynamic changes over a standard car. Whereas in previous years a 430 Challenge may have only be differentiated by its wheels externally, the 488 has among other changes, a different front bumper, bonnet, side vents and most noticeable, a large rear spoiler. The 488 Challenge is quoted as lapping the Fiorano test track with a recorded time of 1 minute 15.5 seconds.

This example was delivered new to the UK in 2018 and has never been raced or turned a wheel in anger. It is currently wrapped in a Tricolore livery, and has had the extremely rare optional extra passenger seat fitted. Perfect for track day use or indeed a full blown assault on the Ferrari challenge.

Bonhams Auction – 2003 Ferrari F360 Challenge Coupé

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Estimate CHF 85,000 – 125,000 / € 78,000 – 110,000
2003 Ferrari F360 Challenge Coupé
Chassis no. ZFFYR51B000127416
•One of only 180 produced
•Only 9,820 kilometres recorded
•New cam belts, new gearbox
•Taxes paid in Switzerland
•Eligible for a wide variety of Ferrari events
  • Commencing with the 348, Ferrari had started the first factory-backed one-make race series for amateur and semi-professional racing drivers back in 1993, and the immensely successful Ferrari Challenge increased further in popularity with the subsequent introduction of the F355 and 360 Modena. The latter first appeared on the grid in Challenge form in 2000, featuring a multitude of alterations making it more suitable for track use. These included the removal of the air conditioning system, electric windows, sound-deadening material and extraneous interior trim, and the replacement of the bumpers, window glass, exhaust system, interior centre console and door trim panels with lightweight alternatives. Gone too was the standard analogue dashboard instrumentation, replaced by a Marelli digital display linked to the on-board data acquisition and telemetry system. Safety enhancements included a plumbed-in automatic fire extinguisher system and FIA-approved safety fuel cell equipped with twin fillers.The 3.3-litre, 40-valve V8 engine and six-speed, F1-style transmission were left virtually standard, though the former did gain stiffer mounts and a larger oil radiator. Changes to the suspension involved re-configuring the electronic damping system and fitting Boge shock absorbers, racing springs, aluminium bushes and a thicker anti-roll bar, while the brakes benefited from an increase in front rotor size from 330mm (13″) to 355mm (14″). Maximum power remained the same as the standard car’s at 400bhp, most of the Challenge’s not inconsiderable performance gains resulting from its 330lb weight reduction.

    One of only 180 made, this F360 Challenge formerly belonged to Ferrari specialists, Kessel Racing of Switzerland. Offered for sale by an international collector from Modena, the car was last serviced (at 9,800km) by Garage Rolf Plüss in Teufenthal Switzerland – receiving new cam belts and tensioners, and a new clutch and gearbox – and is described as in very good condition. Taxes have been paid in Switzerland and the car comes with a Swiss Fahrzeug Datenblatt (Vehicle Data Sheet) and Rapport d’Expertise. It would be possible to return this F360 Challenge to a street legal specification should the next owner so desire.

    Ferrari F360 Challenge coupé 2003
    Châssis n° ZFFYR51B000127416

    •Une des 180 produites
    •Seulement 9 820 kilomètres enregistrés
    •Nouvelles courroies d’arbres à cames, boîte neuve
    •Taxes Suisses acquittées
    •Éligible pour de nombreuses manifestations Ferrari

    À partir de la 348, Ferrari avait inauguré la première série de courses monomarque oranisée par l’usine pour pilotes amateurs et semi-professionnels en 1993, et le très populaire Ferrari Challenge avait encore accru sa popularité avec l’arrivée des F355 et 360 Modena. Cette dernière était apparue sur la grille sous sa forme Challenge en 2000, dotée d’une multitude de modifications la rendant plus apte à un usage sur circuit. Cela incluait la suppression de l’air conditionné, des vitres électriques, des matériaux insonorisant et des garnitures intérieures, ainsi que le remplacement des boucliers, des vitres teintées, du système d’échappement, de la console centrale intérieure et des panneaux de portes par des éléments plus légers. On avait également enlevé le tableau de bord à instrumentation analogique de série, remplacé par un affichage digital Marelli relié au système télémétrique d’acquisition de données embarqué. Les modifications de sécurité incluaient un extincteur automatique plombé et les réservoirs de sécurité homologués FIA équipés de doubles goulottes.

    Le V8 3,3 litres à 40 soupapes et les six vitesses type F1 étaient virtuellement de série, bien que le moteur ait été monté plus rigide avec un radiateur d’huile plus grand. Les modifications de suspension comprenaient la reconfiguration du système électronique d’amortissement et l’installation d’amortisseurs Boge, de ressorts compétition, de bagues en aluminium et d’une barre anti-roulis plus robuste, tandis que les freins bénéficiaient d’un agrandissement des rotors avant de 330 mm à 355 mm. La puissance maximale restait la même que sur le modèle de série à 400 ch, le non négligeable gain de performance de la Challenge résultant de sa réduction de poids de plus de 150 kg.

    Cette F360 Challenge, une des 180 construites, a précédemment appartenu au spécialiste Ferrari, Kessel Racing en Suisse. Vendue par un collectionneur international de Modène, la voiture a été révisée la dernière fois (à 9 800 km) par le garage Rolf Plüss de Teufenthal en Suisse – recevant de nouvelles courroies d’arbres à cames, ainsi qu’un embrayage et une boîte neufs – et est décrite comme étant en très bon état. Les taxes ont été acquittées en Suisse et la voiture est vendue avec son Fahrzeug Datenblatt (fiche de données du véhicule) et un rapport d’expertise. Il sera possible de reconvertir cette F360 Challenge à un usage routier si le prochain propriétaire le souhaite.

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