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FOR SALE – Two Original Ferrari Trucks. Formerly the property of Garage Francorchamps, FIAT 900T and Fiat 238 Ferrari Service Van. Total original, never restored, handpainted (!)

Interested? Please ask HERE for more.

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1991 Ferrari 348 tb Challenge for sale in France

tb Challenge – Raced in the 1993 and 1994 European Championship – Road legal

Details and link to the sale HERE

Offered for sale Ferrari 348 tb Challenge, chassis #86287. Sold new in France by Charles Pozzi Levallois, the official French Ferrari importer, on December 29th 1990 and registered on January 18th 1991. As soon as the Ferrari Challenge was created in 1993, the car was converted to participate in the European Championship and Jean-Louis Déglise took the wheel within the Charles Pozzi Paris team. With the #19 in 1993 and then the #52 in 1994, he did a total of 16 races at its wheel.

25 years ago the Ferrari 348 was the car that launched the Challenge Championship that we still know today with the 488. To participate in the European Challenge Championship, 348 series cars were modified with the official Challenge kit sold to owners by Ferrari in partnership with OMP. The kit was composed of a standard and regulated racing equipment (OMP roll cage, OMP harness, OMP bucket seats, tow hook, etc.) and accessories as aluminium pedals, a special exhaust, a « 348 Challenge » logo to be affixed on the engine hood, etc. On the mechanical side, no change was allowed by the Challenge rules. The engine, shock absorbers and brake disks were compulsorily original. When the championship ended, most of the owners put their 348 back to the original specification in order to sell them more easily. Some kept few parts of the kit, and others entirely kept it.

Our car was revised at Charles Pozzi in 1994 with a mileage of 8 280 km. At the end of the championship the car was put back to standard specification and sold to a new owner. Few years later, the car arrived in the Marne department, in the north-east of France, where its owner kept it for 15 years driving it very little, but still maintained in the Ferrari network. The car was sold in 2015 to its current owner with 20 000 km on the clock. Because of its important history the car was put back again to Ferrari Challenge specification, while remaining road legal. Today the car shows only 25 500 km on the clock. It still has its leather case including the warranty and owner’s service book. The service book is filled and up-to-date, and it comes with maintenance invoices and contrôles techniques. French papers.

The 348 Challenge has an important part in the modern Ferrari history. It is one of the last Ferraris to offer pure driving feelings, without power steering, without electronic assistance. Feeling at ease on the road as on circuit, the 348 Challenges are more and more sought after to participate in newly created historic races. The Ferrari 348 remains a particular car for Ferrari. Its 3.4L V8 engine was conceived by Nicola Materazzi, Ferrari engineer, and is the first Ferrari longitudinal V8 in the history of natural aspired Ferrari engines, a position inherited from the 288 GTO and the F40. The gearbox is the ultimate manual 5-speed gearbox with a dog-leg 1st. Years after its production, the 348 was even used by Ferrari to build the first Enzo prototype.



Ferrari 348 Challenge for sale

Paul Frame and the 1991 Ferrari 348 Challenge Chassis #9215

Details and Pictures here at


 For sale – 1994 Ferrari 348 “Factory Challenge”
All Details, more Pictures and the contact to the seller:

1994 Ferrari 348 tb Challenge # 098791- Grigio Met. with red interior (the only 348CH in this color)
22,400 miles

This is #26 of 32 “Factory Challenge” Ferrari 348 tbs, and is in excellent mechanical condition, having had an engine-out major service completed in April, 2017 by renowned Ferrari specialist, Tim Stanford. Cosmetics are “race car excellent”, with shiny, mostly original paint and straight body with even panel gaps (race livery, including sponsor decals, intact)- one of the benefits of having never sustained any major crash damage! Original OMP “348 Challenge” carbon-kevlar seats reupholstered in red fabric with proper embroidered logos.

Yes, although it is a bit of a “hair shirt”, I’ve driven this car numerous times to/from track days at PBIR, Sebring and Homestead without any issues- other than the noise (from the unsilenced Challenge exhaust) and heat (no a/c, of course, although I do have the components stored if one were inclined to re-install)!

This was a race car since new, having competed in the Ferrari Challenge series in 1994 and 1995 on the Lake Forest Sportscars team, and retains its full Challenge race equipment (including Speedline magnesium Challenge wheels- 8”x18” front, 10”x18” rear), with the following being the only deviations from “as raced” spec:
(1) Upgraded Brembo big brake rotors and calipers
(2) Roll cage side impact bar removed (left in the garage, as I drive this car to/from the track and value ease of ingress/egress)
(3) Toyo R888 “R Compound” race tires substituted for the original Pirelli D3 slicks- again, I drive to/from the track, so full slicks are too risky)
(4) Window net removed (again, left in the garage, as I drive this car to/from the track)

In addition to the items noted above as being stored in the garage, the car also comes with the following spares:
(1) Odyssey race battery
(2) OMP fire bottle
(3) Set of beautiful Fikse wheels, excellent condition (8”x18” front, 10”x18” rear), mounted with Goodyear Eagle F1 tires (old, but with lots of tread)

Includes complete factory tool kit (even the tire inflator bottle is there), leather binder with all books except service booklet, red Ferrari car cover, and a 348 Parts Manual.

Car comes with complete ownership and service history from “Day 1” in a 3-ring binder (including the original window sticker and Warranty Card branded “CHALLENGE”), as well as some, but not all, race history. This is not my first Challenge car, but it has certainly been the best, both mechanically and cosmetically. Unfortunately, age and worsening orthopedic issues dictate that it go to someone who will be able to get more use from it, while preserving a piece of Ferrari Challenge history.

The car is located in Florida, and will be on-track on Thursday during the Cavallino Classic, and otherwise available that weekend if you’d like to see it. Thanks.

Price: $175,000 (Ferrari street car trades of comparable value considered- 3-pedal 430?).


Ferrari 348 tb Challenge for sale in Belgium

More Details here direct at the sellers website

Talk about the car here at the Challenge board

The GTB was the last version of the 348 coupe to be built.  Subtle changes were incorporated to improve the styling, suspension geometry, chassis and engine power over the previous 348 TB model.  One of only 252 produced this particular GTB chassis 98542 was purchased new in early 1994 by Mr. M Oprey through the famous Dutch Ferrari importer Kroymans.  The car was immediately converted to Ferrari Challenge specification using the Ferrari supplied Challenge kit by DLR Tuning in Holland for the 1994 race season.  It then raced in the European Ferrari Challenge Championship 1994-1995 without incident.  The majority of the original 348 Challenge cars were converted from 348 TB or TS cars making this GTB example extremely rare.

The 348 Challenge cars were the first in the line of the Ferrari Challenge models which are still being produced to this day.  As an important part of modern Ferrari history genuine Challenge cars with period racing history are now becoming increasingly sought after. This unmolested car has covered 10,067km and is complete with its original warranty manual, Ferrari supplied 348 Challenge Press photographs/documents and 348 GT Owner’s manual.  The 348 Challenge is one of the last Ferraris to offer a pure driving experience with no power assistance or electronic aids; equally at home on the road or on the track.



1993 Ferrari 348 Challenge 

Asking Price is EUR 145.000,–

Details HERE


1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge, Classiche, Award Winner, Street legal, first paint

Details and more Pictures under

1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge – VIN 104415

This is the absolutly best Ferrari 355 Challenge worldwide!

Street legal, all original, never crashed, never restored, or repainted, full in first and original paint. All original parts are existing. All books, tools and Service records with many invoices and results.

Full Engine out Service in 2016 at Ferrari Palm Beach FL
Classiche certivied in Nov. 2016

Dezember 2016 Official Ferrari Challenge Display and Platin Award at the 1. Ferrari Classiche Concours Finali Mondiali Daytona

Febr. 2018 Cavallino Classic Platinum Winner

Details and history:
First owner Lawrence Kenyon raced the Ferrari in the `97 Challenge saison
Sears Point – 15h
Montreal – 19th
Las Vegas – 14th
1997 Ferrari Challenge Driver’s Championship – 20th Place with 265 points



1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge, street legal, Championship winner

Details and more Pictures:

All taxes paied, Car is in Austria. Major technical service done with invoices.

This particular 355 was campaigned extensively (and very successfully) in the North American Challenge Series, from 1997 to 2000. With many first places across the country, throughout its career, it was actually 1st overall, in the 2000 season!
What makes this car even more special however, is the fact that it is titled for road use. A total of just 108 F355 Challenge cars were built (18 of which were right hand drive), making them extremely rare, but finding a road legal example, with a US title, is far rarer still (possibly, one of only two such cars in the US and one of only ten worldwide).

This therefore, represents an unparalleled opportunity to purchase not only one of the rarest examples of the last manual transmission, Ferrari Challenge cars, but also a championship-winning one with a superb racing history!

1997 Ferrari F355 Challenge USA:
Driver: Carlos Hank Jr.
Sebring March 15-16, 5th
Texas World Speedway April 26-27, Race one: 1st, Race two: 2nd
Sears Point May 16-17, 1st
Circuit Gilles Villeneuve June 13-15, 2nd
Lime Rock August 1-2, Race one 2nd, Race two 1st
Las Vegas Motor Speedway September 18-20, 4th
Ferrari Challenge International Finals, Pergusa, Italy November 7-9
Race one 6th, Race two 5th
USA Championship 3rd (1670 pts)
1998 Ferrari F355 Challenge USA:
Driver: Carlos Hank Jr.
Lime Rock June 26-27, Race one 1st, Race two 6th
Road Atlanta August 1-2, Race one 4th, Race two 3rd
Pikes Peak September 19-20, 18th
1999 Ferrari F355 Challenge USA:
Color changed to Argento, car number 69
Driver: Christian Briggs
Willow Springs March 5-7, 11th
Sebring March 19-21, 9th
Homestead April 16-18, Race one 19th, Race two 15th, Enduro 3rd
Lime Rock June 25-27, Race one 16th, Race two 14th, Enduro 8th
Road Atlanta August 6-8, Race one 7th, Race two 18th, Enduro 5th
Laguna Seca October 9-10, 15th
USA Championship 10th (tie), Endro 5th
2000 Ferrari F355 Challenge USA:
Driver: Christian Briggs
Homestead April 9, 1st
Pikes Peak April 29, 1st
Road Atlanta May 19, 13th (fastest qualifier 1:34.944/95.551mph)
Road Atlanta May 20, 1st
Road Atlanta May 21, Enduro 11th
Montreal June 18, 6th (F355)
Lime Rock July 14th, 3rd
Road America August 5-6, Race one 1st, Race two 1st
Indianapolis Motor Speedway September 23-24, Race one 2nd (F355), Race two 6th (F355)
USA Championship 1st overall, Enduro 13th overall
World finals Mugello, Italy December 18, 1st

It has just completed a full, engine-out service at a cost of over $19,000 and is consequently ready to enjoy on the road & track immediately!

Please ask for more…



1995 Ferrari F355 Championship Winner

Asking is EUR 275.500,–

Details and direct contact to the seller HERE

(sorry no english discription) Totalt byggdes endast 108 stycken Ferrari F355 Challenge under åren 1995-1998. Av den anledningen tillhör sannolikt detta en av Ferraris mest intressanta semi-klassiker ur ett samlarperspektiv. Endast några av dessa Challenge bilar är registrerade och godkända att framföras på gatan. Det här är en av de bilar som är registrerad och godkänd. Vid inledningen av 1995 års säsong av Ferrari Challenge så var modellen F355 helt ny. Den här bilen ingick i det team av startande bilar, som Ferrari återförsäljaren i Stuttgart, Walter Lais (Lais Power) hade samlat inför seriestarten. Bilen försågs med den proffessionelle föraren Harald Brutschin vilket skulle visa sig vara ett lyckodrag. Det ledde till stor framgång och i slutet av säsongen säkrades en total seger i Ferrari Challenge Central Europe. Bilen såldes så småningom till England där den blev lackerad den klassiska röda färgen (Rosso Corsa). I England sägs den även ha fått motorn renoverad. Därifrån såldes den till Sverige. Här deltog den i Scandinavian Ferrari Challenge under åren 2002-2005. Under 2017-2018 genomgick bilen en omfattande renovering. Bilen som tidigare hade lackerats röd demonterades komplett vid renoveringen. Karossen blästrades och slipades ren. Därefter återställdes bilen med lackering i den vita originalfärgen “100 Bianco Avus”. Genom omfattande research har även det grafiska utförandet återställts autentisk genom tillverkning av sponsorernas dekaler. Vid monteringen byttes även diverse slitagedelar såsom kulleder i länkarmar med mera. Motorn sågs över och fick ny kamrem samt ny vattenpump. Efter renovering har bilen endast provkörts vid ett antal evenemang och uppvisningar. Denna unika Ferrari som blev Cup Mästare 1995 har efter renovering och återställande till sitt ursprungliga utförande blivit signerad personligen av Walter Lais. Du finner mest komplett presentation på inklusive 29 högupplösta foton.



1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge – street legal

Details and more Pictures HERE


The Ferrari F355 Berlinetta was introduced at the 1994 Geneva Motor Show; the highly demanded successor to the now ageing 348. The 355 was not only a stark improvement stylistically on the 348, but it also saw a number of technical improvements, such as power steering and electronically controlled damping. 

The F355 name referred to the new 3.5-litre V8 engine with 5 valves per cylinder; a unit capable of propelling the beautiful Pininfarina-styled body to 60mph in under 5 seconds and top speed in excess of 180 mph. Further, the motor is responsible for what remains today one of the finest engine notes ever to come from Maranello.

In 1995, Ferrari revealed a race-spec F355 Challenge model to be used specifically in the Ferrari Challenge race series. This involved a $30,000 factory-to-dealer upgrade kit. This upgrade package encompassed a large number of modifications to the standard F355 Berlinetta including a roll-cage, bucket seats, competition steering wheel, lightweight exhaust, rear wing, competition clutch, competition springs, and a lightened front bumper.

The F355 Challenge was also given new 18″ Speedline magnesium wheels that were wrapped in Pirelli racing slicks, whilst upgraded Brembo brakes, carried over directly from the F40 helped improve the car’s stopping power.

Just 108 original F355 Challenge cars were produced in total, all fitted with the iconic 6-speed gated manual transmission. The car we are delighted to offer is an EU supplied example that raced within the Ferrari Challenge series for Team Ferrari Eberlein with the Gentleman driver Dieter Weigl. The car benefitted from a full engine out service at an official Ferrari Dealer in Austria with invoice in October 2015. The car is also fully street legal, making it a great opportunity to obtain a highly collectable Ferrari that can be enjoyed thoroughly on both the road and track!



1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge for sale at Ferrari Houston TX

Price is US$ 179.995

More details and pictures HERE



Gooding & Company Auction – 1995 355 Tommy Hilfiger Challenge Car at there Amelia Island sale

1995 Ferrari F355 Challenge ex Lawrence Stroll
Estimate: $150,000 – $200,000 – Without Reserve
Direkt link to the Gooding Co. Auction
Chassis: ZFFPR41A2S0104321
Correct and Well-Preserved Example in its Original Tri-Color Tommy Hilfiger Livery
Displayed Less than 12,000 Miles at Time of Cataloguing
Originally Purchased and Campaigned by Famed Ferrari Collector Lawrence Stroll
Unique, Minimally Used Example of Maranello’s Race-Prepared Modern Classic
Benefits from Engine-Out Service Performed During Current Ownership
3,496 CC DOHC V-8 Engine
Bosch Motronic Fuel Injection
380 BHP at 8,250 RPM
6-Speed Manual Transaxle
4-Wheel Disc Brakes
4-Wheel Independent Suspension with Coil Springs and Tubular Shock Absorb

One of only 4 Tommy Hilfiger cars in the world. 

1995 355 Tommy Hilfiger Challenge Car
1996 #18 Driver Lawrence Stroll
1997 #18 Driver Lawrence Stroll
1998 Sold to Bob Segal/ Algar-Ferrari of Washington
This car currently lives in the USA

In 1993, Ferrari began offering competition-prepared versions of its eightcylinder model for a new single-marque racing series called the Ferrari Challenge, and the F355 Challenge was notably the last Ferrari race car to feature fully manual shifting.

Originally retailed by The Collection in Miami, this lovely example was purchased and driven by famed Ferrari collector Lawrence Stroll in the Ferrari Challenge series during 1997 and 1998, including at the historic circuits of Sebring and Lime Rock. After briefly passing to a second Miami-based owner, the Ferrari was purchased circa 2004 by a private collector in New England, who held the car for over 10 years. During his ownership, the Ferrari was stolen but recovered just over four months later, parked in a warehouse not far from where it had gone missing, and in unaltered condition.

The current owner acquired the Challenge in 2015, and has since reupholstered the seats, renewed the vinyl appliqués to the original racing livery, mounted street tires, and conducted a major engine-out service. The F355 displayed less than 12,000 miles at the time of cataloguing and retains its original factory Challenge equipment, including the roll cage, rear wing, Speedline magnesium wheels, and OMP carbon fiber seats. This Ferrari F355 Challenge is a rare example, exceptional with its low mileage and charismatic original livery, and ready for enjoyment.



1995 Ferrari 355 Challenge

Asking Price is EUR 195.000,–

Direkt link to the sale:



1998 Ferrari F355 Challenge “Evoluzione”

See more Details, Pictures and talk about the Ferrari HERE at the Challenge board

Serial Number – 111869

1998 Ferrari F355 Challenge – Factory Challenge “Type A – Evoluzione” – 1 of 40 in the world
6-Speed Gated Manual Transmission
Original Color – Blue Pozzi in 1998
Double Orange Stripes added in 1999
Painted Nero with Double Silver Stripes in 2003

VIN – ZFFXR41A0W0111869
11,874 Miles


1. It’s one of the most heavily, and famously, sponsored Ferrari F355 Challenge Cars in the North American Series. It’s sponsors included:
a. Discovery Channel – John Hendricks
b. Speedvision – Roger Werner – became Speed Channel then Fox Sports
c. STARZ!, BET, Encore Media, Showtime, The Movie Channel – John Sie
d. Commscope – Frank Drendel – designs and builds the connectivity for many of the world’s most advanced cable and internet networks.
e. General Instrument – specializing in semiconductors and cable television equipment – past CEO was Donald Rumsfeld… / Acquired by Google then Arris
f. Antec – John Egan – pioneered development of optical products for the cable television industry / Acquired Nortel then changed name to Arris

2. Original owner / driver was Tim Robertson of Virginia Beach, VA – The Family Channel CEO, Co-founder of Major League Lacrosse, and son of evangelist minister and presidential candidate Pat Robertson
3. Car is a factory built Challenge Car and is one of 40 Final Evoluzione versions – authentically restored with all original parts and correct livery.
4. Fully documented race history, maintenance and ownership history.
5. Very well maintained example – It has a new gas tank and all new fuel lines – those two simple items should tell you plenty on it’s current condition and caretakers.
6. Lower mileage example
7. No leaks or drips. No Check Engine Lights. No Slowdown Lights.
8. Honest, knowledgable Seller, and regular on with multiple F355 in the same garage

Car has the following Upgrades

1. Steel Valve Guides
2. Factory Challenge Exhaust (designed similarly to a tubi) – also includes a second original Straight-Pipe Challenge Exhaust (the very loud one)
3. Fabspeed straight pipes without bypass valve
4. All Plastic Parts (that are known to get sticky) have been refinished and restored with lazer-etched , proper graphics by Sticky RX.
5. Carbon Fiber Door Panels
6. Lightweight Headlight Buckets
7. Wired with roof antenna for radio communication capability


1. Minor rock chips on nose and 2” crack on front bumper from track curbing
2. Typical buttress cracks seen on all F355 berlinetta’s
3. One rear heat shield over cv boot is worn and should be replaced
4. Undertray fiberglass has some chips from track curbing
5. Leather pulling on dash instrument pod
6. Rear Window is curved Plexi – some might call that a pro as it is lighter weight and cannot crack
7. Does not include headlights or headlight motors (rules allowed deleting these items for racing)
8. Horn does not operate
9. Has correct North American Turn Signals but they do not do not operate – (rules allowed deleting these items for racing)

Detailed Maintenance History

1. Replaced Engine – Foreign Cars Italia – at Road Atlanta using the North American Ferrari Service Truck – August 1998 – Foreign Cars Italia
2. Rebuilt Gearbox – March 1999 – Ferrari of Atlanta
3. Replace Clutch and Flywheel – June 1999 – Ferrari of Atlanta
4. Replace Windshield – October 2002 – Ferrari of Atlanta
5. Engine Out / Belts – April 2005 – Lake Forest Sportscars
6. Engine Out / Belts – December 2009 – Lake Forest Sportscars
7. Brake Rotors / Pads – January 2011 – Lake Forest Sportscars
8. Replaced all Fuel lines / hoses / gas tank / Fire suppression system – January 2012 – Lake Forest Sportscars
9. Engine Out / Belts – February 2015 – Lake Forest Sportscars

Ownership History

1. Tim Robertson – Virginia Beach, Virginia – Feb 1998 thru March 2001, Media CEO and son of evangelist minister and presidential candidate Pat Robertson, also owner of Ferrari 360 Challenge raced in the series
2. Bob Mayer – Atlanta, Georgia – March 2001 thru May 2003, raced in the SCCA Atlanta T1 series, owner of Ferrari F355 Berlinetta
3. Gary Kachadurian – Chicago, Illinois – May 2003 thru Sept 2004, real estate magnet – multiple Ferrari owner including 512tr, F355 berlinetta and others
4. Rick Mancuso – Chicago, Illinois – October 2004 thru January 2011, President of Lake Forest Sportscars – an official Ferrari dealer in Chicago, multiple Ferrari owner of many rare street and race cars. Is an original sponsor of the Ferrari Challenge Series
5. Ken Griffin – Chicago, Illinois – February 2011 thru February 2015, CEO of global investment firm “Citadel”, multiple Ferrari owner including LaFerrari, Enzo, etc…
6. Robb Williamson and his brother – February 2015 to Present –Corporate Location Photographer and Doctor, owners of other Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, Ferrari F355 GTS, Ferrari 328 GTS.

Additional Items Included

1. OEM Speedline Challenge Rims in silver with slicks currently on the car (used one weekend) – Extra spare Set of OEM Speedline Challenge Rims in silver (without tires) to use for additional slicks or rain tires
2. OEM Window Safety Netting and mount
3. OEM OMP Fire Extinguisher Tank
4. OEM Leather owner’s pouch with all books, manuals, and papers – 1998
5. Scanned OEM Challenge Rules and Regulation booklets for 1998, 1999, and 2000 seasons
6. One OEM Key – one aftermarket copy
7. Two OEM A.E. Lorioli keychain – 1998
8. Original Leather Key Fob from Foreign Cars Italia – 1998
9. OEM steering wheel cover, two seat covers, and red nylon carry bag – aftermarket red car cover to fit over wing
10. OEM emergency service light
11. OEM Leather stereo blank plate installed in car
12. Original History Monograph with all complete scanned race records and team paperwork
13. Original Team crew Shirt from Race Team
14. Original T-Shirt from Race Team
15. OEM F355 Press Kit Brochure
16. OEM F355 Leather tool case – missing some tools and 2 trays
17. Binder with Hard Copies of all maintenance service records
18. B&W Xerox Copy of MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin – Certificate of Origin of Vehicle)
19. USB thumb drive with digital copies of all history and records
20. IN-car video of training sessions
21. Digital copy of Montreal Challenge Race in 1998 with letter documentation
22. Historic Photos of car racing in Ferrari Challenge series
23. Current Photos of Car on track


You will find very few Ferrari Challenge cars anywhere in the world more complete. Few F355 Challenge cars come up for sale in a year. When you see one, look closely for what it is “not” coming with. Look at all the parts that are not original or what it is missing. Many of the cars in the US ran in the SCCA racing series and lost much originality with changes to the car because of their different regulations. Then look to see if the car looks like rats have made it home with owners that just did not care and put away very wet without much care. You will find many challenge cars in this condition. It will take quite a lot of money to bring them back and that is just the aesthetics. All the small things add up. We have seen other challenge cars with mechanical difficulties due to lack of use and owner neglect. I’d think most buying a Ferrari for the track would love it to run like an industrial sewing machine – one that just purs and goes and goes, and goes without issues. If a car is missing parts – they are likely to never be seen again. Then there is the question about the car’s sponsorship. Was it sponsored by a local dentist or did it have backing like The Discovery Channel, Speedvision, and major Cable Entertainment Channels? It would seem that the latter is likely to look great anywhere and will continue to hold interest and demand throughout the future. Does the car have interesting history? Do you know what place it finished or is there no clue as to it’s original driver and their story of how they got involved in the series?

So if you are looking for a complete car and one that you can proudly put in your collection, look no further. We started with a good Ferrari – it is now a great Ferrari. It’s now up to the new owner to pick and choose how to enjoy. The sky is the limit.


F355 Challenge car values seem to float around $130k for a car without history – these are usually missing many original challenge parts like seats, the roll cage, brakes, etc – or one that looks like it has sat with the rats and was put away very wet. There is a huge difference between the lower priced cars and the higher priced cars. There is also a difference in value for the Factory Challenge cars and Evolutione cars which are rarer in number. The nice cars have been sold for as high as $245,000 to collectors in Europe in recent history.

This car is priced firmly at $185,000 based on completeness of records, parts, and famous corporate sponsorship. We are open to trade(s) of other Ferrari’s or challenge cars.

The car comes with a B&W Xerox copy of the MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin). Depending on different states or countries, this may enable a collector to register the car for street driving. We are still working with the original driver who is searching his storage for the original document. – But the car is definitely better suited on track with its precise, and tight suspension, lower ground clearance, and other track focused features. It shines on the track and will leave many newer street Ferrari’s in the dust there.

If you are a collector and want a Challenge car with unique history and fame, then look no further and just enjoy. Contact me for further information.

Full Race History

1998 Ferrari Challenge Season
Tim Robertson – # 91
April 25-26 – Homestead, FL
Race One – 15th
Race Two – 15th
Endurance Challenge – 5th
May 9-10, 1998 – Texas World Speedway, TX
Race One – 18th
June 5-7, 1998 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Race One – 18th
June 26-27, 1998 – Lime Rock Park, CT
Race One – 16th
Race Two – 14th
Endurance Challenge – 14th
August 1-2, 1998 – Road Atlanta, GA
Race One – DNS
Race Two – DNS
Endurance Race – DNS
Septmber 19-20, 1998 – Pikes Peak International Raceway, CO
Race One – DNS
Race Two – DNS
Endurance Race – DNS
November 7-8, 1998 – Imola, Italy
Did not attend

1998 Season Final Drivers Standings – 21st with 260 points
1998 Season Endurance Challenge Championship – 16th

1999 Ferrari Challenge Season
Tim Robertson – # 91 – Ferrari of Atlanta
Phoenix, AZ
Race One – 10th
Race Two – 10th
Endurance Race – 5th
March 5-7, 1999 – Willow Springs, CA
Race One – 16th
March 19-21, 1999 – Sebring FL
Race One – 12th
April 16-18, 1999 – Homestead, FL
Race One – 14th
Race Two – 10th
Endurance Race – 9th
June 25-27, 1999 Lime Rock Park, CT
Race One – 20th
Race Two – 18th
Endurance Race – 6th – Tim Robertson / Matt Drendel
August 6-8, 1999 – Road Atlanta, GA
Race One – 11th
Race Two – 9th
Endurance Race – 6th
October 9-10, 1999 – Laguna Seca, Salinas, CA
Race One – 22nd
November 5-7, 1999 – Vallelunga, Rome, Italy
Did not attend
December 3-5, 1999 – Homestead, Florida
Challenge Enduro 6-hour race – Tim Robertson raced in the # 77 car with Jim McCormick, Sandy Reddin, and Allie Ash – 4th

1999 Season Final Drivers Standings – 9th
1999 Season Endurance Challenge Championship – 3rd
1999 Season Dealer Championship – 4th
1999 Season Dealer Endurance Championship – 2nd

2000 Ferrari Challenge Season
Tim Robertson – # 16
May 19, 2000 – Road Atlanta, GA
Race One – 8th
Race Two – 5th
Joe Masessa / Michael Louli / Philip Shearer – # 16 – Ferrari of Atlanta
29 Nov -3 Dec, 2000 – Homestead, FL
Challenge Enduro 6-hour race / race concluded early for safety concerns with 17 360’s and 5 F355’s – 12th overall



Street legal Ferrari F355 challenge for sale

See more Details and the contact HERe at the board

Year: 1995
Model: 355 Challenge
SN: 102457

In a nutshell, not going to bore you with a novel, if you want a 355 Challenge you know this car.
Car is Black now as it won the Championship in 2013
Located in Los Angeles, California


Originally the car was white, special ordered with the brightest white leather interior, carpeting (ala Miami Vice Testorossa) for the owner of World Wide Motors in Rockland County NY.
Comes with original super white door panels and center console. Lots of the original parts also, too many to list.

Car delivered to Wide World of Motors, Spring Valley NY with incorrect Cyl heads (348). car sent back to Ferrari Italy for engine “correction” Then proceeded to win in the Challenge series.

1996-7 Tom Papadopoulos – F355 Challenge Champion (Wide World of Motors Campaigned)
1998-2001 Kurt Carlson
2007-2013 Greg Griffin. F355 Challenge Champion 2013 (Speedworks Campaigned, extensive paperwork )

This car is unrestored 100% race patina from years of Challenge Racing, no leather smell here just the pheromones of Champions. This may be the last un molested true race car from that era. Ready for a Museum or continue gentleman racing

Car has been and continues to be titled, street registered in the USA. One of the original 32 to still fly it’s true colors as intended.

Car is a blast to drive, I still take it to the track stretching its legs as intended by Ferrari and street drive to special events locally.
$249k or interesting trades



1996 Ferrari F355 Challenge for sale in CH


Link to the AD.

This car is worth to be discussed, becouse ist an interesting example. Why? Look at the board HERE



1996 Ferrari F355 Challenge (street legal) for sale

Direkt link to the sale:

Asking Price is EUR 175.000,–

Discription only in French

Historique et restauration


Année du Modèle : 26/09/1996

N° Châssis : ZFFPA41B000101465

Couleur extérieure : Rouge

Couleur intérieure : Noir

Kilométrage : 50 950 km compteur

CV DIN : 380 CV

Cylindrée : 3496 cm3

Boîte de vitesses : Manuelle

Origine : Italie


Véritable collector, cette F355 Challenge fut créée et développée pour le championnat monomarques F355 Challenge. La production a été extrêmement limitée, 109 exemplaires précisément, et seuls quelques-uns ont été immatriculés comme celui que nous proposons. Le nôtre a été livré neuf en Italie le 26 Septembre 1996 et se trouve en excellent état.

Il y a plusieurs points sur lesquels la F355 Challenge diffère de la version de base : échappement spécifique, assiette rabaissée, extincteur, coupe-circuit, freins surdimensionnés… La liste est non exhaustive. Le moteur quant à lui développe 380 chevaux, soit 60 de plus que la 348 Challenge.


1997 Ferrari F355 Challenge by Silverstone Auctions


To be sold by Silverstone Auctions at ‘Autosport International’ on Saturday 12th January 2019 at the NEC, near Birmingham B40 1NT. For more information please contact classic car specialist Arwel Richards on +44 (0) 7434 960868.

Registration: N/A

Chassis Number: ZFFXR418000107845

Engine Number: 45115

Number of cylinders: 8

CC: 3500cc

Year of Manufacture: 1997

RHD/LHD: Left Hand Drive

Estimate (£): 90,000 – 105,000

(+buyer’s premium of 15% including VAT @ 20%)

  • Delivered new to Venezuela in 1997 for use in the Ferrari Challenge Series
  • Officially certified as one of the 108 cars produced by the factory for track use
  • Sourced by our vendor from the United States in 2008 for use in the Ferrari Owners Club GB Series
  • Extensive works included a BTB race exhaust system, carbon fibre panels and interior, and a full engine rebuild
  • The car has won six races, several podiums, set fastest lap records for its class and won the series in 2018
  • Presented to auction freshly painted. Original steel panels and dashboard. Three sets of wheels.

In 1995, Ferrari introduced a race-ready F355 Challenge model designed for use specifically in the Ferrari Challenge Series. The bespoke model was created by starting with a standard Ferrari F355 Berlinetta and modifying it with a $30,000 factory-to-dealer supplied kit. Initially in 1995, the cars were supplied with factory fitted cage mounts and without carpets, however, each year, the cars arrived with more and more factory fitted race parts, culminating in 1998 with full-evolution cars which were supplied as virtually complete race cars.

The factory modifications were more substantial than the 348 Challenge and the engine, gearbox and shock-absorbers were sealed with special tags to prevent unauthorised alterations. The factory fitted modifications included a roll-cage, racing bucket seats, manual radiator fan control and upgraded fans, competition steering wheel, competition clutch, upgraded 14″ Brembo brakes (carried over from the F40), solid suspension bushes, competition springs, and brake cooling ducts amongst a number of other detail changes from the base car.

The F355 ‘Challenge’ shares the same engine and physical dimensions as the original car and 108 cars in total were produced, all with the 6-speed manual transmission. According to the accompanying Ferrari Certificate of Origin, the car was first delivered on the 29th January 1997 destined for Venezuela with engine number 45115. The delightfully named National Commission of Speed of Venezuela issued a certificate in 2000 that stated the car was raced thirty times in the Ferrari Challenge Cup during the 1997, 1998 and 1999 seasons, gaining second place twice, piloted by Juan Iliopoulos.

Mr Iliopoulos emigrated to the United States in 2000 taking the car with him and placing it into storage. Our vendor, whilst on holiday in the United States, came upon the car in 2009 and bought it directly from Mr Iliopoulos as a non-running car. Importing it into the UK, our vendor commissioned award-winning Ferrari racing car specialists, RNR Performance Cars of Kent, to carry out a program of extensive recommissioning works. We can supply a full list of works, but in brief, the car benefitted from a BTB race exhaust system, a safety fuel cell, and carbon fibre doors, bonnet, boot lid, panels, and dashboard. A full engine rebuild took place less than 25 hours ago at a cost of some £30,000. Once race ready, our vendor entered the Ferrari Owners Club series winning six times, enjoyed a number of podium appearances, set numerous Class lap records, and topped it off by winning the series in 2018.

The car was freshly painted in August 2018 and is supplied with three sets of sets of wheels and tyres, the original steel panels and dashboard, a history file detailing previous ownership, the aforementioned certificates, and a substantial number of invoices for race preparation, maintenance and attention. To conclude, this F355 Challenge is not merely a weekend track-day toy but a proven race-series winner in the hands of just two gentlemen racers, and one of just 108 Maranello-produced examples.



For sale – Ferrari 360 N-GT 

For sale at Ferrari 360 N-GT 

One of the most important 360 GT
Chassis No 001
Direct link to the sale Jan B. Lühn
Model history:
The Ferrari 360 N-GT was based on 360 Challenge car and tuned by Michellotto for the newly developed N-GT category of the FIA GT Championship. At that time it was the fastest version of the Ferrari 360 with over 540 bhp when derestricted. The 360 N-GT was capable of a top speed of around 310 km/h and on many occasions it outperformed the newer F430 GT cars of its time.In the first year Ferrari authorized Michelotto to built three cars (000, 001 and 002). The success of these cars later led to the 360 GT.Specific history of this car:This car, Ferrari 360 N-GT #001 was ordered by Peter Kutemann in October 1999 at Ferrari Monaco and was delivered in February 2000. All invoices for this are still on file. The car then immediately went to Michelotto in Padua where it was then modified and developed by Michelotto to N-GT spec. 2000 FIA GT:• 2000/apr/28, dnf, Spa Ferrari Days, Kutemann, #71
• 2000/may/13, 24th OA/13th N-GT, Silverstone, Alliot/Kutemann, #71The team JMB was asked by Michelotto on the end of the 1999 season to race and develop together with Michelotto a GT on the basis of the F360 Modena Challenge and homologate for the FIA-N-GT series during the season 2000. Michelotto started the development.• 2000/jul/23, 20th OA/9th N-GT, Zolder, Alliot/Kutemann, #71
• 2000/oct/22, 24th OA/11th N-GT, Magny Cours, Alliot/Kutemann, #71
• 2000/oct/22, 2nd N-GT, Vallelunga, Capelli/Kutemann/Terrien, #712001 FIA GT:• 2001/apr/25, 19th OA/7th FFSA, Le Mans Race 1, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/apr/25, 13th OA/4th FFSA, Le Mans Race 2, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/may/1, 21st OA/9th FFSA, Magny Cours Race 1, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/may/1, 43rd OA/11th FFSA Magny Cours Race 2, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/jun/3, 14th OA/9th FFSA, Pau, Alexander/Terrien, #37
• 2001/jul/15, 12th OA/4th FFSA, Monza Race 1, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/jul/15, 9th OA/2nd FFSAMonza Race 2, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/oct/21, 14th OA/7th N-GT, Estoril, Alexander/Kutemann, #992002 FIA GT:• 2002/apr/21, 13th OA/6th N-GT, Magny Cours, Alexander/Kutemann/Pregliasco, #53
• 2003/may/4, 17th OA/6th N-GT, Silverstone, Alexander/Lambertini /Pregliasco, #53
• 2002/may/19, 11th OA/5th N-GT, BrnoAlexander/Lambertini/Pregliasco, #53
• 2002/jun/2 ,23rd OA/12th N-GTJaramaAlexander/Lambertini /Pregliasco, #53
• 2002/jun/30, 22nd OA/12th N-GT, Anderstorp, Alexander/Kutemann/Pregliasco, #53
• 2002/jul/17, 16th OA/8th N-GT, Oschersleben, Alexander/Kutemann/Pregliasco, #532003 FIA GT:• 2003/apr/6, 20th OA/ 10th GT, Barcelona, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/apr/27, 18th OA/ 11th GT, Magny Cours, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/may/11, 14th OA/ 6th GT, Pergusa, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/may/25, 20th OA / 11th GT, Brno, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/jun/29, 17th OA / 8th GT, Donington, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/jul/6, acc, 24h Spa, Kutemann/Gosse/Earle/Pregliasco, #68
• 2003/sep/7, 18th OA / 11th GT, Anderstorp, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/sep/21, dnf, Oschersleben, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/oct/5, 19th OA/11th N-GT, Estoril, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/oct/19, 15th OA/7th GT, Monza, Kutemann/Gosse, #53

After the 2003 season the car retired from the bigger races and was only used for two races in 2005 for the Italian GT championship.

After that the car remained only in private hands. It is presented now in perfect running condition and will be sold as one of the most original N-GTs in existence. The car comes with an impressive history folder which not only includes all original sales contracts and invoices, but also a lot of original period photos.

This is an ideal car for the new championships by Peter Auto (Global Endurance Legends, the Masters series or the newly created Ferrari Club Competizioni GT.





This fantastic car is chassis 000GTM, the very first 360 GT built by Michelotto and sold to JMB Racing to take part to the FIA GT. It has an extensive racing history, as follow :
– 2000 : FIA GT car #70
– 2001 : FIA GT car #63 – Championship winner by team
– 2002 : FIA GT car #52
– 2003 : Daytona 24h / car #22 – Sebring 12h car #29 / Le Mans Testings car #70
Sold to GPC in 2004
– 2005 : FIA GT car#86
Since its retirement the car has been kept preciously in a private collection. In 2016 it was brought to Art & Revs to receive a complete service and is perfectly working. It is in excellent original condition having always been entered by top teams and maintained regardless of cost.
000GTM has the very late specifications including the desirable Hewland 6 speeds sequential gearbox.
This is a truly unique opportunity to acquire an important piece of Ferrari racing history and the very first of Michelotto’s fabulous Ferrari Berlinetta V8.
In the end of the 90s Ferrari was not motivated with other racing programs than the F1 and the Challenge series. With the launch in 1999 from the 360 Modena there was however a great basis for a new GT race car and a proper racing program. After racing successfully 333 SPs in the FIA Sport Cars championship and Le Mans, JMB Racing who had developed a close relationship with Ferrari and Michelotto finally got the authorization to develop and race 360s in the new FIA – N/GT category. Originally Ferrari being reluctant, only 3 cars were built for the 2000 FIA GT season, numbered 000/001/002GTM. After a difficult start the performance and reliability came and in 2001 JMB won both FIA N/GT driver and team titles. This great result encouraged Ferrari to build a proper customer program for the 360 in FIA N/GT & ACO GTLM, in 2002 the car was then available for private teams and a total of about 20 cars were built until 2005 and the replacement by the F430 GT. This was the start of a new area for Ferrari in GT and the success story continued with the 430, 458 and 488s.
Price : Inquire
For more details, contact us directly on +352 661 700 777



2006 430 GT2 for sale in France


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– 2006 Ferrari F430 GT2 – Chassis 2450

This Ferrari F430 GT2 has a huge racing history. It was raced in:

– 2006 FIA GT driven by Peter Kutemann, Antoine Gosse and JP Malcher
– 2007 Le Mans Series
– 2008 Le Mans Series, 24h du Mans (4th in its category)
– Various races in 2009 (Winter Series, Le Mans Series), 2010 and 2011

(full racing history is available upon request).

This F430 GT2 was in the same ownership since new and was raced and serviced by JMB.

The engine has been overhauled by Michelotto in November 2012 and a shakedown has been completed two weeks later. The car never raced since.

This F430 GT2 is for sale with a spare engine and some spare parts.


Ferrari 430 Challenge for sale in Italy

FERRARI F.430 CHALLENGE 2009 / Vin: 166101
Ferrari Challenge in 2009 and 2010 with Tommaso Rocca / Rossocorsa (2° Shell in 2009)
– 8 spare rims (4 slick + 4 rain)
– 4 carboceramic brake disk
– 2 used axles
– gearbox and cluch just review
– engine with 5.000 km
Asking 100.000€


2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge for sale in US

Direct link to the sale

VIN: ZFFEX63X000152246

PRICE: $129,000

This 2006 Ferrari 430 Challenge is the winner of the 2012 Forza CCR Championship.  The car’s body is in almost perfect shape underneath wrap, and is painted its original black color. The engine has been fully refreshed, and currently has only 1 race since rebuild (9/2016).  Total car Km’s is 13,987, and the current clutch wear is 27.89%.  The car has been meticulously maintained by our championship winning race team, and the current owner has spared no expense in maintaining this car.  The car is free of any tub damage, and has never been in any major on track incidents.

The car is fitted the following:

  • Capristo steel brake conversion
  • Full Capristo GT hedders and straight pipe exhaust
  • Full carbon GT Front bumper/splitter & Wing
  • Upgraded aluminum radiators
  • K & N air filters
  • Cool suit system
  • Traqmate telemetry data system
  • Radio wiring

The car comes with (2) sets of spare wheels


Ferrari F430 GT3 for sale in Germany

Talk about the car HERE at the board

Direct link to the sale

Ferrari 430 GT3
Originally delivered:
Original colour:
rosso scuderia
Original interior:
The Ferrari F 430 Challenge Trasformata GT3 has been delivered by Ferrari to
the Ferrari dealership Loris Kessel located in Lugano/Switzerland on the
25.10.2007. The Ferrari invoice shows a selling price at 400.000,-  CHF. Out of
unknown reasons the car was never used in the next few years until it was sold
to its first and last private and German based owner in 2012. The contract of
sale in that time is showing a mere 100 km as an odometer mileage. It is
reported by the only and  last owner that it never had participated in any serious
race. It was more a backup testing car which was frequently driven on private
The overall mileage today shows not more than 3000 km. It will be delivered
with a new engine having only 300 km on the clock plus the original engine. It
received a last service at the well known and very experienced and specialized
Ferrari Service workshop of Stilef in San Marino/Italy before delivery on the 30th
of March 2017 at near to 6000,-  Euros.
The car is in absolutely race ready condition.
The limited version of the F 430 GT3 has a radically reduced  weight of only
1.219 kg compared to 1.350 kg of a normal F 430 and the 1250 kg of the 430
Scuderia. This was the result of an exhaustive schedule of removing all
unnecessary items. The GT3 has been developed by Kessel Racing under the
supervision of Ferrari. Only 100 of these cars were produced. The rersulting car,
designated the F 430 GT3, was superior to the F 430 Challenge in terms of more
highly developed aerodynamics and increased output, even through both
utilised the same 4.3 litre, V8 engine.
Following extensive tuning, the GT3 unit developed 550 bhp, which surpassed
the 483 bhp from the F 430 Challenge and as well the 445 bhp from the GT2
stable mate, the 430 GTC.
The F 430 Challenge Trasformata GT3 received the best F1 knowledge Ferrari
could have implanted into a Ferrari registered for the road.


Ferrari F430 GT2 for sale in France

HERE you find a Special discussion about the car at the GT board

2008 Ferrari F430 GT2, Chassis 2616

Delivered March 22nd, 2008 at Fiorano to BMS Scuderia Italia and always raced with BMS.

Fitted with engine No. 072 – gearbox No. 086.

The engine fitted in the car today (No. 079) was in the car for Spa 24 Hours 2008 (finished 1st IC) and the 24 Heures du Mans 2008 (finished 2nd IC).
The last race the car made with this engine was the FIA GT San Luis race in November 2008. At the end of the race, the engine had 2000 kms and hasn’t been raced since.
After its last race in 2009 (FIA GT – Zolder), the car was retired and refurbished by BMS Scuderia to as-new condition before being sold to a private owner.
BMS checked the engine in 2015.
Documented with Ferrari certicate of origin. EU taxes paid. Full racing history available

Year :
Make :
Model :
430 GT2
Type :
Post-war car, Race car
Chassis :
Color :
Drive :
Price :



F430 GTC for sale in UK


Click here for the direkt link to the sale


Ferrari 360 Challenge RACE CAR / DMSB

Direkter Link to

Asking Price is EUR 109.000,–

Discription (only in German):

Zu verkaufen ist hier das ehemalige Auto des bekannten und erfolgreichen Rennfahrers Wido Rössler – Dieses Auto besitzt wirkliche Renngeschichte und hat einen aktuellen DMSB Wagenpass. Das Auto wurde für die Renneinsätze bei Tamsen in Hamburg vorbereitet.

Viele Arbeiten können über Belege nachgewiesen werden.

In 2018 wurden der Zahnriemen gewechselt sowie eine neue Elektro/Hydraulikpumpe eingebaut sowie eine umfassende Aufbereitung durchgeführt.

Das Auto ist ein Rennwagen – es besitzt entsprechende Markierungen/Steinschläge etc. – Es ist kein Neuwagen sondern mit einer tollen Patina ausgestattet. Für einen einheitlichen roten Look wurde in 2018 Teile der Karosserie foliert.

In 2009 wurde ein zweiter Sitz / Beifahrersitz eingebaut. Neben den zahllosen 911 Cup, Cayman etc. sind Sie mit dem Ferrari auf der Rennstrecke immer perfekt angezogen. Rennstreckeneinsätze können ohne Einsatz von Laptop etc. umgesetzt werden – auch benötigen Sie kaum Unterstützung von einem Mechaniker.

Inclusive sind 2 einsatztaugliche Sätze Slicks (1x neu + 1 gebraucht ) sowie ein Satz Regenreifen. Das Auto ist aus gesundheitlichen Gründen an Rennsportliebhaber zu verkaufen. KEINE Händler, etc.

2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge for sale in Italy

The Ferrari is in perfect condition, built March 2004

Vin      ZFFYR51B000135782

– ex Nina Jerancic in Ferrari Challenge 2004, 2005 and 2006

– new cluch and the engine was controlled March 2016

– 4 spare rims

Rare model with:

– air jacs

– rollbar for 2 seats

– right windows for passenger

Price is € 80.000,–

Contact Riccardo Ragazzi



Ferrari 360 Challenge for sale in Germany


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Original CHALLENGE ITALIA TROFEO PIRRELLI EX-TEAM Superchallenge, Padova Rosso/ F1 Cambio-316 KW/430 PS-mit Wagenpass zwischen 03/2001 und 10/2006 ca. 40 Rennen/Abstimmungsfahrten, Fahrzeug rund 10.000 KM, technisch im Top Zustand! Seitenteil h. rechts wurde erneuert, sonst kein Unfall! Komplett Rennfertig! NEUER ZAHNRIEMEN IST IM VERKAUFSPREIS ENTHALTEN ! FZG VON PRIVAT §25a USTG, RENNFAHRZEUG / OHNE STRASSENZULASSUNG !



2010 Ferrari 458 GTE (GT2) Works Car

Works car with impressive history, one of the best
• Ex- AF Corse Works car with Ferrari Classiche
• period Le Mans history
• maybe the most important 458 GTE (GT2)
For sale at Jan B. Lühn
Full information coming soon …


Ferrari 458 GT3 for sale in GB


Direct link to the sale

RossoVerde Racing Team Parts inventory sale

As part of an end of season re-organisation of the team at its headquarters in the UK , RossoVerde is offering for sale its surplus stock of parts for the F360 and F430 models, in both Challenge and GT3 format. The current RossoVerde F458 is being prepared and campaigned in Australia. A basic website has been created with photos, prices, part numbers, and descriptions of the new and used parts, mostly genuine Ferrari and Kessel.


Ferrari 458 GTE (GT2) 

For sale is the number #2860 chassis of a 2013 Ferrari 458 GTE.

Summary of race history:
– 2013 European Le Mans Series
– 2014 Silverstone 6 Hours (WEC)
– 2014 24 hours of Le Mans

Original livery (Ram Racing) available upon request.

Negotiation price: EUR 600’000 ex. VAT.

Details HERE



2011 Ferrari 458 GT2 for sale in Italy


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excellent conditions

Recent Competition History


Performance Data

  • Class: FIA GT2


  • Engine Builder: FERRARI
  • Manufacturer: FERRARI
  • Type: 458 GT2
  • Displacement: 4498


  • Manfacturer: HEWLAND


  • Brakes: BREMBO
  • Wheels: BBS


  • Color/Finish: BLACK




Ferrari 458 GT2 for sale


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For sale a beautiful example of the Marques 2011 GT2 car. Eligible for Le Mans classes worldwide. Currently residing in the USA this car is for sale at 375,000$.

The car has campaigned in the now redundant ALMS competition with ESM Racing in the USA. The team maintained this car right up until the 2013 upgrade from Michelloto, Since then has been stored professionally and hours have been limited.

2014 Upgrades are easily come by.

The chassis number of the car is 2816, the car was previously raced with the No 1 race number and became iconic as part of the series for its huge successes. The car won 3 class wins and finished on the podium several times throughout the season. The last race the car contested was at Sebring 12 Hour last season.

The car could be used in Asian Le Mans Series, European Le Mans Series, IMSA and many others across the world.

Price includes shipping within the USA. Team HQ in Florida.


488 Challenge


This Rosso Scuderia 488 Challenge is directly available.

More Pictures and Details: HERE

Compared to the production 488 GTB V8, the Challenge’s powertrain features specific engine mapping, optimised for racing performance, and shorter gear ratios providing up to an 11.6% increase in acceleration out of turns compared to the naturally-aspirated 458 Challenge EVO.The F1 DCT transmission features a new racing shift strategy which enables the car to accelerate from a standstill to maximum revs in 4th gear in just six seconds. Further improvements include a reduction in overall powertrain weight, with 19.7 kg being shaved off the engine and a further 8.5 kg off the exhaust system.

This 488 Challenge did one season Club Challenge in 2018.
During the season it was professionally transported and serviced.
No damages are on the car. The car is fully covered in XPell protection film.

This car will come with:
1 extra set of Rims with new Rain tires
Battery charger
AIM Camera and Telemetry set
Winter stands
Size L driver seat
Passenger Kit with size L seat

For more information about this race car, please contact:
Rik Hettema
+31(0)742555370 or come by in Hengelo.



2016 Ferrari F488GT3 Kaspersky

Link to the sale HERE


For sale Orginal Ferrari F488GT3 Kaspersky, built in 2016

Chassismileage: 19’750 km

Engine and transmission 7’500 km.

Vehicle is ready to race and in very good condition. This vehicle drove the 24h from Spa 2017, with which J. Calado was able to pull out the pole. The other two drivers are true G. Fisichella, M. Cioci.

This Ferrari F488GT3 belongs to a Ferrari enthusiast who races professionally or wants to add to his collection historically significant racing cars.



1987 Ferrari F40 LM “Pilot” at RM Sotheby’s Auction in Paris 2019

Sensation, one of the most unique and valuable (Estimate not be announced yet but be aware with around 5 Mio. EUR) Ferrari F40 Chassis No. 74045 is coming to auction in Paris next year. The car will be the star of the Show and the most expensive F40 ever.

Hope to see it next year at our Challenge and GT Days at the Red Bull Ring 

More details and Infos about the car and the auction HERE

In 1987, Ferrari celebrated their 40th anniversary, and to mark the occasion launched arguably their most uncompromising road car ever – the twin-turbocharged 471-bhp, 201-mph F40. Borrowing heavily from technology developed for the still-born Group B 288 GTO Evoluzione programme, it was no surprise when the evocatively named F40 LM finally hit the track in 1989 – albeit at the behest of the French Ferrari importer Charles Pozzi rather than the factory itself.
Developed by Michelotto, the F40 LM benefitted from enlarged twin IHI turbocharger/ intercooler units and advanced Weber-Marelli fuel injection, which increased power to over 700 bhp. A corresponding reduction in weight to just 1,050 kg resulted in predictably awesome performance, whilst the car also featured extensive chassis stiffening, race-specification transmission, uprated brakes and extensively modified bodywork.
This particular example – chassis no. 74045 – has a fascinating and illustrious history. Originally used as a pre-production prototype by the factory, it was sold to former Le Mans and IMSA driver Rene Herzog in early 1992. Herzog sent the car to Michelotto for conversion to LM specification, although shortly after its completion ownership passed to his fellow Swiss Charles Zuger. In 1995, the car was sold to GT Racing impresario Stephane Ratel who raced it in the European GT Championship of that year, but in turn sold the car mid-season to the French Pilot-Aldix team for use in the BPR Global GT Series of that year.
Driven by the all-French pairing of Michel Ferte and Olivier Thevenin, the car’s top-line career started inauspiciously with retirements in each of the first four rounds of the series at Paul Ricard, Monza, Jarama and Nürburgring. However, by Le Mans pre-qualifying in April – and with 74045 now patriotically re-painted in French Racing Blue – fortunes had improved markedly, with the team leaving the Sarthe circuit an encouraging fifth fastest overall, and fastest of all the GT1 runners.
A little over six weeks later – and with their line-up bolstered by third driver Carlos Palau – the team qualified an excellent 7th for the 24 Hours of Le Mans itself, and 2nd in GT1 ahead of all seven of the hitherto pace-setting McLaren F1 GTRs. The race was blighted by wet conditions which played to the McLaren’s strengths, but nevertheless 74045 finished a respectable 12th overall and sixth in GT1. Significantly, this would prove to be the best result ever achieved by an F40 at Le Mans.
A fortnight later, Ferte and Thevenin took pole position for the Anderstorp Four Hours and followed this up with an emphatic win ahead of the McLarens of Nielsen/Bscher and Raphanel/Owen-Jones. A mixed end to the season saw retirements in both the Suzuka 1000 KM (electrics) and the Zhuhai Three Hours (gearbox), but also a highly creditable 2nd place finish in the Silverstone Foour Hours behind the Harrods-sponsored McLaren of Wallace/ Grouillard.
For 1996, the driver line-up was retained, the car uprated with a GTE-specification rear wing and a similar assault on the BPR series planned to that of the previous year. Over the balance of the season, it was clear that the Italian Ennea squad had overtaken their French counterparts as top Ferrari team, with a 5th place at Jarama, 8th at Silverstone, 6th at the Nürburgring and a 3rd place at Nogaro, the highpoints of an otherwise trying year for Pilot. At Le Mans, Ferte and Thevenin were joined by French journeyman Nicolas Leboissetier, although the proliferation of new breed WSC cars – not to mention the inclusion of Porsche’s controversial 911 GT1 – ensured that they would qualify no higher than 25th, prior to retirement in the race.
Following the conclusion of the car’s contemporary racing career at the end of the 1996 season, it passed through the ownership of several prominent collectors, prior to its acquisition by the current owner in 2008. It is important to note that the car was freshly serviced last year and today remains on the button to participate in vintage racing events, namely the new official Ferrari program, Club GT Competizioni. Adding to its overall desirability, the car is offered with its original gearbox and a set of spare wheels. Given the paucity of factory-blessed Sports Racing and GT racing Ferraris in recent decades, 74045 – especially given its top-level racing history – is surely a ‘must have’ for any serious Ferrari or competition car collector.
Resplendent in the livery worn on its competitive swansong at Nogaro in 1996, it also represents a highly attractive and hugely charismatic entry for the European-based Masters Endurance Legends and Global Endurance Legends series, not to mention the burgeoning HSR and Daytona 24 Hour Classic events stateside.
Having enjoyed a thrilling competition career, including two outings at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, chassis no. 74045 is without doubt the most significant F40 LM and amongst the most significant privateer-campaigned Ferrari racing cars. It would warrant pride of place in any of the most prestigious Ferrari collections around the globe. It is a car that its next owner can enjoy at a multitude of historic racing events and one that would surely be welcomed at any of the finest concours events worldwide.



1994 Ferrari F40 LM GTC

Details for the sale HERE
1 owner
Never raced or damaged
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2015 Ferrari FXX-K 
Ferrari FXX-K in Rosso Corsa with Nero roof, Delivered as new from Ferrari Spa season 2015 and used in Corsa Clienti program until 2017, Ferrari Spa has maintained the car fully since new and also had the car in storage on Maranello during this period, The car is in perfect condition and last service including new front brake discs late 2017, Rear discs 50 %, Millage of the car is 3500 km, One owner since new, The car is in our showroom and ready to be sold paid and delivered directly, Autoropa Ferrari of Sweden can also support in getting the buyer into Corsa Clienti driving program and getting the car updated to the new EVO version as per conditions from Ferrari Spa Corse Clienti, Please call or e-mail for more info, Price is netto ex VAT.


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