Auction – 988 TAISAN STAR CARD F40(JGTC)

ESTIMATE:¥65,000,000 – ¥75,000,000

irst year of registration: 1994
Based on street-use vehicle
Available with registration and license plate
Mileage: 13,812km (as of April 20, 2018)
1994 Japan GT Championship Round 5 Mine Winner

Link to the auction HERE

When the Japan GT Championship started in 1994, Team TAISAN surprised the racing community when they entered a Ferrari F40 to the series. Influenced by the car’s success in the Italian GT Championship, Team TAISAN’s Chiba purchased a street-legal F40 (S/N: ZFFG134B000080780). Starting from a totally stock F40, the team made modifications and improvements at each race. The team also invited Oscar Larrauri, winner of the Italian GT Championship and former F1 driver to drive for Team TAISAN. In Round 5 at Mine Circuit, Oscar Larrauri was paired up with Tetsuya Ota to sensationally capture the top podium.
At each round of the race, the F40 was modified, troubleshooting whatever came up during the previous race. Although the F120A V8 unit which made 478ps/577nm of power and torque was untouched, they installed a one-off straight pipe for better response (the car is now installed with a silencer). Most of the modifications were done to its chassis and aerodynamics. The front cowl was widened by 5mm on each side which the team considered as their original F40LM spec front cowl. The rear wing was also changed to a custom adjustable rear wing. For the car’s suspension, the team installed pillow ball mounts from the F40LM car and the wheels were changed to a set of light-weight magnesium wheels from OZ Racing to reduce unsprung weight. The front roll bar which came on the stock F40 was reinforced and other modifications were made as they raced in the series.
This car is listed as a JGTC spec race car, however no drastic changes were made and the car is still a street-legal Ferrari F40. The original engine which the team raced with has been replaced. Maintained in good condition, the car starts on first ignition. The exterior remains unchanged from the car’s racing years.


□1994 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.1 Fuji – 3rd.
Driver : K.Suzuki / T.Ota

□1994 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.2 Sendai – 3 rd.
Driver : T.Ota / A.Reid

□1994 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.3 Fuji – 3 rd.
Driver : K.Suzuki / T.Ota

□1994 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.4 Sugo – Retired.
Driver : T.Ota / A.Reid

□1994 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.5 Mine – Winner
Driver : O. Larrauri / T.Ota

□1995 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.1 Suzuka – Retired
Driver : O. Larrauri / T.Ota

□1995 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.2 Fuji – 9th
Driver : T.Ota

□1995 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.4 Fuji – 19th
Driver : O. Larrauri / T.Ota

□1995 Japan GT Champion Ship Rd.6 Mine – 16th
Driver : O. Larrauri / T.Ota

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