2009 Ferrari F430 GTC for sale

F430 GTC – F131 EVOGT*2636

Supplied to Team Modena for start of 2009 Le Mans Series season. Driven by Melo, Garcia, Mansell, Wilander, Ehret, Rusinov.

front_three_1_11935 interior_11935 interior4_11935 square_front_11935

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Paul Ricard LMS test – 22nd OA / 6th IC

Catalunya 1000km – 19th OA / 5th IC

Spa 1000km 19th OA / 2nd IC

Le Mans 24 Hours – 27th OA / 7th IC

Algarve 1000km – 17th OA / 3rd IC

Nurburgring 1000km – 20th OA / 8th IC

Silverstone 1000km – 26th OA / 4th IC

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