1994 Ferrari 348 tb and ts Factory Challenge

1994 Ferrari 348 tb and ts Factory Challenge

This is often referred to as the 348 “Factory Challenge” car, which is correct, but it did not come out of the factory with racing equipment installed. All 32 tb and 13 ts model 348s imported to the U.S. for model year ’94 were Factory Challenge cars, but all were imported in street trim. Some were later converted to Challenge specs (as were some Speciale’s and earlier cars) by installation of the optional Challenge kit at the dealer. The kit was a delete option, saving you some $14k off the price if you decided not to take it. Some buyers did not take the kit, others took the parts in a box but never converted the car, and others converted and used the car only on the track, which avoided registration and luxury tax.

Some of the features of the 348 Serie Speciale carried over to the 348 Challenge (also known as 348 CH), such as Speciale paint, chrome Cavallino’s front and rear, Spider exhaust, and the drop down main gear. However, the track reverted to 1578 mm (since solid bushings were in the Challenge kit) and the taillight slats returned, as did the standard seats.

Factory Challenge cars included carpet cutouts for the roll cage (with mounting points already welded in and covered with leather-wrapped caps), mounting points for the five-point harnesses, aluminum pedals (found in the kit if purchased to convert an earlier car) and a larger heat shield. Some cars also had carbon brake cooling ducts and rubberized tow hooks, front and rear. This factory pre-prep allowed installation of the Challenge kit in about sixty man-hours, vs. 110 man-hours for an earlier car.


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