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The Ferrari 348 GTC LM (1 of 2) built by Michelotto, stay tuned for more…

The Challenge and GT Days in the brand new „AUTOMOBILSPORT Magazin“ – out now

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FERRARI 348 GT COMPETIZIONE – A 348 with a purpose

Built in 1993, the Ferrari 348 GT Competizione was designed exclusively for homologation in the GT Championship series. Some might be tempted to compare this track-oriented model to the 348 Challenge, but the truth is, it’s another beast entirely.

While the Challenge received light modifications, the 348 GT Competizione received a mile-long long list of performance upgrades that transforms the car into a true race car. You might be surprised to learn, however, that that added power wasn’t on that list.

Full Story: HERE

Cavallino Magazin – Le Mans Classic 2018 Showcases New Ferrari GTs

For the ninth time, the Le Mans Classic allowed us to relive the great history of the Le Mans 24 Hours race. Organized by the A.C.O and Peter Auto, this large program extended beyond the track as a festival of both the car and the car race.

This 2018 edition celebrated 70 years of Porsche, the 25th birthday of the triplet Peugeot 905, and 40 years of the Renault victory at Le Mans. To round out the weekend, several tests and demonstrations took place: Group C, Classical Jaguar Challenge, Classical Porsche Le Mans Race and a parade of Global Endurance Legends which included GTs and prototypes from 1990 to 2000.

Full Cavallino Story:

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