+++Historic Formula1 Ferraris at the Challenge and GT Days+++

We decided to add a new group to our Challenge and GT Days – The Historic Formula 1 Ferraris will be part of our event.
Details about the event HERE
Groups and eligible Ferraris*
Group 1 – All Road going Ferraris incl. the Ferrari Pistas
Group 2 – 1993 to 2006: Ferrari Challenge/GT – Challenge 348/355/360/430 inkl. the Michelotto 348 GTC / LMs, the 360 N-GT, GT, GTC and 430 GT3/GT2 (on invitation for Maserati Ghibli Open Cup and Trofeo Race Cars)
Group 3 – 2006 to 2020: Ferrari Challenge/GT – 360 Challenge and GTs, 430/458/488 Challenge inkl. 430 GT3/GT2, 458 GT3/GT2 and 488 Challenge/GT3/GT2 (on invitation for Maserati Trofeo and Cup)
Group 4 – Ferrari 512 BB LM, F40 GT/LM/GTE, 333 SP, 550 GTC, 575 GTC and similar GTs incl. the and Maserati MC 12 GT1 (please ask for different and older Ferraris)
Group 5 – Historic Formula1 Ferrari
* The final grouping will take place at the event and can be changed any time

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