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FOR SALE – Two Original Ferrari Trucks. Formerly the property of Garage Francorchamps, FIAT 900T and Fiat 238 Ferrari Service Van. Total original, never restored, handpainted (!)

Interested? Please ask HERE for more.

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2003 Ferrari 360 GT Michelotto (1 of 20) for sale at Jan B. Lühn in Germany


1990 348 TS Challenge for sale
An incredible challenge car at a reasonable price!!!!
Only $69,950.00
Talk about the car HERE at the Challenge board
See more about the car here at the sellers website

1996 Ferrari F355 Challenge – Street legal – Championship winner

See all Details and contackt here:

The car got a reastauration with a engine out Service.
Street leagal with German “Fahrzeugbrief”, original Service book and a big racing history.
Misano 1.
Vallelunga 2.
Brno 1.
Mugello 2.
Mugello 2.
Vallelunga 3.
Monza 1.
Mugello 3.
Misano 1.
Pergusa 2.
Monza 2.
Imola 3.
Mugello 1.
Imola 3.
Pergusa 2.
Vallelunga 1.
Misano 1.
Misano 2.
Imola 2.
Magione 3.
Mugello 1.
Monza 2.
Vallalunga 1.
Finali Mondiali Vallelunga 1.
1:43 Scale Modell
Please ask for more Details and Pictures.



1998 Ferrari F355 Challenge “Evoluzione”

See more Details, Pictures and talk about the Ferrari HERE at the Challenge board

Serial Number – 111869

1998 Ferrari F355 Challenge – Factory Challenge “Type A – Evoluzione” – 1 of 40 in the world
6-Speed Gated Manual Transmission
Original Color – Blue Pozzi in 1998
Double Orange Stripes added in 1999
Painted Nero with Double Silver Stripes in 2003

VIN – ZFFXR41A0W0111869
11,874 Miles


1. It’s one of the most heavily, and famously, sponsored Ferrari F355 Challenge Cars in the North American Series. It’s sponsors included:
a. Discovery Channel – John Hendricks
b. Speedvision – Roger Werner – became Speed Channel then Fox Sports
c. STARZ!, BET, Encore Media, Showtime, The Movie Channel – John Sie
d. Commscope – Frank Drendel – designs and builds the connectivity for many of the world’s most advanced cable and internet networks.
e. General Instrument – specializing in semiconductors and cable television equipment – past CEO was Donald Rumsfeld… / Acquired by Google then Arris
f. Antec – John Egan – pioneered development of optical products for the cable television industry / Acquired Nortel then changed name to Arris

2. Original owner / driver was Tim Robertson of Virginia Beach, VA – The Family Channel CEO, Co-founder of Major League Lacrosse, and son of evangelist minister and presidential candidate Pat Robertson
3. Car is a factory built Challenge Car and is one of 40 Final Evoluzione versions – authentically restored with all original parts and correct livery.
4. Fully documented race history, maintenance and ownership history.
5. Very well maintained example – It has a new gas tank and all new fuel lines – those two simple items should tell you plenty on it’s current condition and caretakers.
6. Lower mileage example
7. No leaks or drips. No Check Engine Lights. No Slowdown Lights.
8. Honest, knowledgable Seller, and regular on with multiple F355 in the same garage

Car has the following Upgrades

1. Steel Valve Guides
2. Factory Challenge Exhaust (designed similarly to a tubi) – also includes a second original Straight-Pipe Challenge Exhaust (the very loud one)
3. Fabspeed straight pipes without bypass valve
4. All Plastic Parts (that are known to get sticky) have been refinished and restored with lazer-etched , proper graphics by Sticky RX.
5. Carbon Fiber Door Panels
6. Lightweight Headlight Buckets
7. Wired with roof antenna for radio communication capability


1. Minor rock chips on nose and 2” crack on front bumper from track curbing
2. Typical buttress cracks seen on all F355 berlinetta’s
3. One rear heat shield over cv boot is worn and should be replaced
4. Undertray fiberglass has some chips from track curbing
5. Leather pulling on dash instrument pod
6. Rear Window is curved Plexi – some might call that a pro as it is lighter weight and cannot crack
7. Does not include headlights or headlight motors (rules allowed deleting these items for racing)
8. Horn does not operate
9. Has correct North American Turn Signals but they do not do not operate – (rules allowed deleting these items for racing)

Detailed Maintenance History

1. Replaced Engine – Foreign Cars Italia – at Road Atlanta using the North American Ferrari Service Truck – August 1998 – Foreign Cars Italia
2. Rebuilt Gearbox – March 1999 – Ferrari of Atlanta
3. Replace Clutch and Flywheel – June 1999 – Ferrari of Atlanta
4. Replace Windshield – October 2002 – Ferrari of Atlanta
5. Engine Out / Belts – April 2005 – Lake Forest Sportscars
6. Engine Out / Belts – December 2009 – Lake Forest Sportscars
7. Brake Rotors / Pads – January 2011 – Lake Forest Sportscars
8. Replaced all Fuel lines / hoses / gas tank / Fire suppression system – January 2012 – Lake Forest Sportscars
9. Engine Out / Belts – February 2015 – Lake Forest Sportscars

Ownership History

1. Tim Robertson – Virginia Beach, Virginia – Feb 1998 thru March 2001, Media CEO and son of evangelist minister and presidential candidate Pat Robertson, also owner of Ferrari 360 Challenge raced in the series
2. Bob Mayer – Atlanta, Georgia – March 2001 thru May 2003, raced in the SCCA Atlanta T1 series, owner of Ferrari F355 Berlinetta
3. Gary Kachadurian – Chicago, Illinois – May 2003 thru Sept 2004, real estate magnet – multiple Ferrari owner including 512tr, F355 berlinetta and others
4. Rick Mancuso – Chicago, Illinois – October 2004 thru January 2011, President of Lake Forest Sportscars – an official Ferrari dealer in Chicago, multiple Ferrari owner of many rare street and race cars. Is an original sponsor of the Ferrari Challenge Series
5. Ken Griffin – Chicago, Illinois – February 2011 thru February 2015, CEO of global investment firm “Citadel”, multiple Ferrari owner including LaFerrari, Enzo, etc…
6. Robb Williamson and his brother – February 2015 to Present –Corporate Location Photographer and Doctor, owners of other Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, Ferrari F355 GTS, Ferrari 328 GTS.

Additional Items Included

1. OEM Speedline Challenge Rims in silver with slicks currently on the car (used one weekend) – Extra spare Set of OEM Speedline Challenge Rims in silver (without tires) to use for additional slicks or rain tires
2. OEM Window Safety Netting and mount
3. OEM OMP Fire Extinguisher Tank
4. OEM Leather owner’s pouch with all books, manuals, and papers – 1998
5. Scanned OEM Challenge Rules and Regulation booklets for 1998, 1999, and 2000 seasons
6. One OEM Key – one aftermarket copy
7. Two OEM A.E. Lorioli keychain – 1998
8. Original Leather Key Fob from Foreign Cars Italia – 1998
9. OEM steering wheel cover, two seat covers, and red nylon carry bag – aftermarket red car cover to fit over wing
10. OEM emergency service light
11. OEM Leather stereo blank plate installed in car
12. Original History Monograph with all complete scanned race records and team paperwork
13. Original Team crew Shirt from Race Team
14. Original T-Shirt from Race Team
15. OEM F355 Press Kit Brochure
16. OEM F355 Leather tool case – missing some tools and 2 trays
17. Binder with Hard Copies of all maintenance service records
18. B&W Xerox Copy of MSO (Manufacturer Statement of Origin – Certificate of Origin of Vehicle)
19. USB thumb drive with digital copies of all history and records
20. IN-car video of training sessions
21. Digital copy of Montreal Challenge Race in 1998 with letter documentation
22. Historic Photos of car racing in Ferrari Challenge series
23. Current Photos of Car on track


You will find very few Ferrari Challenge cars anywhere in the world more complete. Few F355 Challenge cars come up for sale in a year. When you see one, look closely for what it is “not” coming with. Look at all the parts that are not original or what it is missing. Many of the cars in the US ran in the SCCA racing series and lost much originality with changes to the car because of their different regulations. Then look to see if the car looks like rats have made it home with owners that just did not care and put away very wet without much care. You will find many challenge cars in this condition. It will take quite a lot of money to bring them back and that is just the aesthetics. All the small things add up. We have seen other challenge cars with mechanical difficulties due to lack of use and owner neglect. I’d think most buying a Ferrari for the track would love it to run like an industrial sewing machine – one that just purs and goes and goes, and goes without issues. If a car is missing parts – they are likely to never be seen again. Then there is the question about the car’s sponsorship. Was it sponsored by a local dentist or did it have backing like The Discovery Channel, Speedvision, and major Cable Entertainment Channels? It would seem that the latter is likely to look great anywhere and will continue to hold interest and demand throughout the future. Does the car have interesting history? Do you know what place it finished or is there no clue as to it’s original driver and their story of how they got involved in the series?

So if you are looking for a complete car and one that you can proudly put in your collection, look no further. We started with a good Ferrari – it is now a great Ferrari. It’s now up to the new owner to pick and choose how to enjoy. The sky is the limit.


F355 Challenge car values seem to float around $130k for a car without history – these are usually missing many original challenge parts like seats, the roll cage, brakes, etc – or one that looks like it has sat with the rats and was put away very wet. There is a huge difference between the lower priced cars and the higher priced cars. There is also a difference in value for the Factory Challenge cars and Evolutione cars which are rarer in number. The nice cars have been sold for as high as $245,000 to collectors in Europe in recent history.

This car is priced firmly at $185,000 based on completeness of records, parts, and famous corporate sponsorship. We are open to trade(s) of other Ferrari’s or challenge cars.

The car comes with a B&W Xerox copy of the MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin). Depending on different states or countries, this may enable a collector to register the car for street driving. We are still working with the original driver who is searching his storage for the original document. – But the car is definitely better suited on track with its precise, and tight suspension, lower ground clearance, and other track focused features. It shines on the track and will leave many newer street Ferrari’s in the dust there.

If you are a collector and want a Challenge car with unique history and fame, then look no further and just enjoy. Contact me for further information.

Full Race History

1998 Ferrari Challenge Season
Tim Robertson – # 91
April 25-26 – Homestead, FL
Race One – 15th
Race Two – 15th
Endurance Challenge – 5th
May 9-10, 1998 – Texas World Speedway, TX
Race One – 18th
June 5-7, 1998 – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Race One – 18th
June 26-27, 1998 – Lime Rock Park, CT
Race One – 16th
Race Two – 14th
Endurance Challenge – 14th
August 1-2, 1998 – Road Atlanta, GA
Race One – DNS
Race Two – DNS
Endurance Race – DNS
Septmber 19-20, 1998 – Pikes Peak International Raceway, CO
Race One – DNS
Race Two – DNS
Endurance Race – DNS
November 7-8, 1998 – Imola, Italy
Did not attend

1998 Season Final Drivers Standings – 21st with 260 points
1998 Season Endurance Challenge Championship – 16th

1999 Ferrari Challenge Season
Tim Robertson – # 91 – Ferrari of Atlanta
Phoenix, AZ
Race One – 10th
Race Two – 10th
Endurance Race – 5th
March 5-7, 1999 – Willow Springs, CA
Race One – 16th
March 19-21, 1999 – Sebring FL
Race One – 12th
April 16-18, 1999 – Homestead, FL
Race One – 14th
Race Two – 10th
Endurance Race – 9th
June 25-27, 1999 Lime Rock Park, CT
Race One – 20th
Race Two – 18th
Endurance Race – 6th – Tim Robertson / Matt Drendel
August 6-8, 1999 – Road Atlanta, GA
Race One – 11th
Race Two – 9th
Endurance Race – 6th
October 9-10, 1999 – Laguna Seca, Salinas, CA
Race One – 22nd
November 5-7, 1999 – Vallelunga, Rome, Italy
Did not attend
December 3-5, 1999 – Homestead, Florida
Challenge Enduro 6-hour race – Tim Robertson raced in the # 77 car with Jim McCormick, Sandy Reddin, and Allie Ash – 4th

1999 Season Final Drivers Standings – 9th
1999 Season Endurance Challenge Championship – 3rd
1999 Season Dealer Championship – 4th
1999 Season Dealer Endurance Championship – 2nd

2000 Ferrari Challenge Season
Tim Robertson – # 16
May 19, 2000 – Road Atlanta, GA
Race One – 8th
Race Two – 5th
Joe Masessa / Michael Louli / Philip Shearer – # 16 – Ferrari of Atlanta
29 Nov -3 Dec, 2000 – Homestead, FL
Challenge Enduro 6-hour race / race concluded early for safety concerns with 17 360’s and 5 F355’s – 12th overall



Street legal Ferrari F355 challenge for sale

See more Details and the contact HERe at the board

Year: 1995
Model: 355 Challenge
SN: 102457

In a nutshell, not going to bore you with a novel, if you want a 355 Challenge you know this car.
Car is Black now as it won the Championship in 2013
Located in Los Angeles, California


Originally the car was white, special ordered with the brightest white leather interior, carpeting (ala Miami Vice Testorossa) for the owner of World Wide Motors in Rockland County NY.
Comes with original super white door panels and center console. Lots of the original parts also, too many to list.

Car delivered to Wide World of Motors, Spring Valley NY with incorrect Cyl heads (348). car sent back to Ferrari Italy for engine “correction” Then proceeded to win in the Challenge series.

1996-7 Tom Papadopoulos – F355 Challenge Champion (Wide World of Motors Campaigned)
1998-2001 Kurt Carlson
2007-2013 Greg Griffin. F355 Challenge Champion 2013 (Speedworks Campaigned, extensive paperwork )

This car is unrestored 100% race patina from years of Challenge Racing, no leather smell here just the pheromones of Champions. This may be the last un molested true race car from that era. Ready for a Museum or continue gentleman racing

Car has been and continues to be titled, street registered in the USA. One of the original 32 to still fly it’s true colors as intended.

Car is a blast to drive, I still take it to the track stretching its legs as intended by Ferrari and street drive to special events locally.
$249k or interesting trades


1996 Ferrari F355 Challenge for sale in CH


Link to the AD.

This car is worth to be discussed, becouse ist an interesting example. Why? Look at the board HERE




1997 Ferrari F355 Challenge for sale in US


Click here for more Details

Not really a lot of Informations on the Website.

Asking is 129.000 US $, Service is done.


1998 Ferrari F355 Challenge for sale in US


Click here for more Details and Pictures

1998 Ferrari F355 Challenge 25,710km 111496 (Euro) Factory Challenge car, originally ran in the Europe Central Ferrari Challenge Series, Driven by Peter van Merksteyn NL # 88 in 1998-1999, Imported into the U.S in 2001 and used for DE events and Ferrari club events. In 2010 the car was entered into the Ferrari Club Racing/ Challenge Club Racing til present. Engine and transmission was rebuilt in 6/2005 at 14,495km. Major Belt service preformed in 2/15/2014 23,500km.

Currently in Challenge Club Racing specification with updated Seat and Central Fire suppression system. Also SVRA vintage eligible and eligible for Maranello Cup series ( HSR). Otherwise very stock original Challenge Series Spec car. 58.64 sec lap times at Limerock park this July. Includes additional set of Challenge spec Speedline wheels.



Ferrari F355 Challenge ’95 for sale in Paris


Direct link to the sale

Ferrari 355 Challenge
Année : 1995
Couleur : rouge Kilométrage : 19000 Kms
Prix : NC
Caractéristiques :
355 challenge course . 2 propriétaires. voiture qui sort d’un full service complet a Maranello chez Toni Autos
Commentaires : 355 ayant participé au Challenge UK en 1995/96/97/98 avec Chris White . Voiture compétitive avec palmares.

1996 Ferrari F355 Challenge for sale in CH

Asking Price is EUR 200.000,–

See more details HERE



1996 Ferrari F355 Challenge (street legal) for sale

Direkt link to the sale:

Asking Price is EUR 175.000,–

Discription only in French

Historique et restauration


Année du Modèle : 26/09/1996

N° Châssis : ZFFPA41B000101465

Couleur extérieure : Rouge

Couleur intérieure : Noir

Kilométrage : 50 950 km compteur

CV DIN : 380 CV

Cylindrée : 3496 cm3

Boîte de vitesses : Manuelle

Origine : Italie


Véritable collector, cette F355 Challenge fut créée et développée pour le championnat monomarques F355 Challenge. La production a été extrêmement limitée, 109 exemplaires précisément, et seuls quelques-uns ont été immatriculés comme celui que nous proposons. Le nôtre a été livré neuf en Italie le 26 Septembre 1996 et se trouve en excellent état.

Il y a plusieurs points sur lesquels la F355 Challenge diffère de la version de base : échappement spécifique, assiette rabaissée, extincteur, coupe-circuit, freins surdimensionnés… La liste est non exhaustive. Le moteur quant à lui développe 380 chevaux, soit 60 de plus que la 348 Challenge.



1997 F355 Challenge with 1998 Evolution, Road Legal

More Details about the car and the contact to the seller:

It’s a F355 Challenge from march 1997, Road Legal with the 1998 Kit, 56 000 kms,

165 000 €,

This car has been quite lightly raced in it’s life. Originally supplied to Ferrari Garage Francorchamps in Belgium for Peter Kutermann,
The car was prepared during for year by Arnaud in garage Francorchamps and run for 4 years in the Belgium Challenge,
It then came to the UK, and was used on Club Fiorano track days by Gary Culver, The car has enjoyed 9 class or race wins from 12 starts in 2008 / 2009 with Gary, the car was meticulously prepared and maintained for Gary by David Preston.
In 2010 i bought the car to Gary, and i did some little challenge with it, in France.

Since two year i don’t use the car on track anymore, i just keep the car for the week-end, pleasure with my son, car and coffee etc,

My car was maintained by Fiorano Racing in France, with many invoices since 2010 (31 K€)

My Challenge is complete, with all the piece of the challenge 1998, with option for this year, bumper in carbon fibre,
Matching color, matching motor, roll cage, OMP Challenge seat, big F40 LM brake with boas, two set of speedline magnesium wheels, general fire extinguisher, carbon door panel, gear radiator, additional water radiator, additional oil radiator, fast gear filling, two exhaust,

You can see my car near Paris, about 20 kms from Paris porte maillot.



1989 Monte Shell F40 GT for sale

The Most Winning F40 Extant

Talk about the car here at the special thread

Direkt link to DK Engineering

An Overview

Chassis #80742 is one of the most iconic and successful F40s in existence. In July 1989 this F40 left Maranello and was delivered to Vittorio Colombo in Milan as a very early “lightweight” specification Non-Cat road car. In 1991 the car was subsequently sold to Roberto Angiolino. Between 1991 and 1992 the car was converted by Michelotto in Padua, Italy, to CSAI–GT specifications in readiness for the forthcoming 1993 Italian GT Championship.

#80742 was raced with great success sporting four different liveries. During its racing life it was continuously upgraded and ultimately evolved into the “LM” specification it is in today.

Michelotto CSAI-GT Conversion

Not long after the F40’s official début at a July, 1987 press conference in Maranello, discussions of a special competition-prepared version emerged, and the necessary tuning and modifications were entrusted to Giuliano Michelotto, whose work on the Lancia Stratos rally cars and the Ferrari 308 IMSA cars had earned him due praise. Michelotto’s conversions of several stock F40 examples into so-called F40 CSAI-GT specifi cations were then sold by the factory to privateer racers. The GT modifications, which employed an even lighter body by the renowned restorer Dino Cognolato, proved to be a forerunner to more purpose-built racing versions, such as the F40 LM and the F40 LM Evolution.

There were only 7 F40 CSAI-GTs built by Michelotto in Padua, Italy; #80742 being one of them. Each boasted a 590bhp engine, larger brakes from the F40 LM, a lighter body to bring weight down to 1050kg, Perspex sliding windows, Rose-jointed suspension and adjustable anti-roll bars. The undertray was modified, too, and there were extra cooling ducts, while the ride height was dropped by 5cm, wider Speedline wheels were fitted and there was an uprated gearbox. Completing the specification were a quick-fill fuel system, hydraulic quick-lift jacks and LM wishbones.

Jolly Club

F40 GT s/n 80742 was sponsored by the Jolly Club, who has sponsored Ferraris from the 1950s through the 1990s on behalf of the Jolly Hotel chain in Italy, owned by the Figli fabric empire which was founded by Count Gaetano Marzotto, Patriarch and father of the very successful racing brothers Paolo and Gianni Marzotto. Indeed, Jolly’s Ferrari sponsorship dates back to the 166 Inter Spider Corsa 0121.

F40 GT s/n 80742 has a truly impressive race history, and is the only F40 race car to not only win an FIA Championship, but to also truly dominate that Championship. For 1993 no other car came close to this distinctively liveried Ferrari winning eight out of the nine rounds overall.

1993 – Italian GT Championship Series – Shell Oil Sponsorship / Jolly Club

In the opening round of the season, at Monza on 28 March (pictured above), Marco Brand dominated in 80742. He finished 16 seconds clear of Vincenzo Bianchi’s Jaguar XJ220, and followed that with another victory in round two at Magione. Brand failed to finish at Vallelunga on 16 May, but that was the last time he was beaten in 1993. He won his last six races to claim the title in thoroughly dominant fashion, finishing with a total of 94 points. His nearest rival, Oscar Larrauri, could amass only 63. The result means that 80742 is the only F40 to win an FIA championship, giving it an unrivalled racing pedigree.

1994 – Italian GT Championship Series – Totip Sponsorship / Jolly Club

Jolly Club again raced this F40 GT again in the 1994 season with Federico D′Amore and Oscar Larrauri sharing the driving in the first three of the two-segment race formats used this season and Larrauri scoring three consecutive wins with it. Later in the season it was taken over by Mauro Trione who drove it to a win, four seconds and a fi fth place. The championship was won by Vittorio Colombo, although #80742 won overall over the shared-drives throughout the season; it was again the most winning car of the season.

#80742 – Upgraded to “LM” Specification

Having already been converted to CSAI-GT form by Michelotto in 1993, 80742 was further developed in late ’94 to an LM specification to suit the Japanese Super GT Championship where it was to be campaigned by Team Taisan – a front-running outfit that had been formed in 1984 and which had previously won the Japanese Sports Car Championship three years in a row.

The work meant that #80742 received a special long life de-restricted more powerful engine built by and supplied by Michelotto (#009 as pictured) that was married to an LM “Dog–Ring” gearbox, Brembo 380 brakes, HKS Piro suspension and 18in Oz wheels.

1994/95 – Japan Grand Touring Championship – Taisan Sponsorship / Jolly Club

Team Taisan gave 80742 its Japanese debut at the final round of the 1994 domestic GT Championship, the Mine 300km, where it was driven by Keiichi Suzuki and Hideshi Matsuda to eighth overall. The race was won by Team Taisan’s other F40, which had competed in the series all year, while its Porsche 962C finished third. For 1995, Taisan again ran the two F40s alongside a BMW M3 and a brace of Porsche 911s. Masahiko Kondou and Anthony Reid shared 80742 at the season-opening Suzuka 300km, finishing 11th.

For the next race at Fuji, Reid drove solo but was forced to retire when a wheel parted company with the Ferrari. Neither of the Taisan F40s was entered for round three at Sendai, but 80742 reappeared at Fuji for round four. Driven by Tetsuya Ota and Oscar Larrauri, it streaked into an early lead before being penalised for overtaking under a yellow flag; it was eventually forced to retire with clutch problems. After missing the Sugo race, 80742 made its final JGTC appearance at the season-closing Mine 250km, where sadly Ota and Larrauri again failed to finish. Nonetheless, Team Taisan had done enough to secure the championship.
Please refer to our main website for full details, more pictures, our terms of sale and accurate pricing as some websites may use out of date currency exchange rates:



One of the 12 Ferrari 575 GTC ever produced for SALE


Click here for more Details

With only one owner from new and always raced and serviced by JMB racing, #2204 was raced in FIA GT in 2004, entered the 24h du Mans in 2005 and Le Mans series 2005.

In total, #2204 entered more than 18 races between the 2004 and 2005 seasons. Mainly driven by Antoine Gosse, Peter Kutemann, Stephane Daoudi, Andrea Garbagnati and Hans Hugenholtz. The engine has totally been overhauled in early 2015, with new liners, pistons, valves and bearings and never used since.

This Ferrari 575 GTC Chassis 2204 is for sale today, with one set of spare wheels.


FERRARI 575 GTC COMPETIZIONE for sale in France


Click here for more Details

The first and only race winner ever
One of the twelve Ferrari 575 GTCs raced in the FIA GT Championship
605bhp and 1,100 kg
Certified by FERRARI

Racing History:
1st FIA GT ESTORIL in 2003 with P. Peter / F. Babini
4th FIA GT MONZA in 2003 with P. Peter / F. Babini
Model : 575 GTC Competizione
Type : Race car
Chassis : F131MGT2208
Color : Red
Drive : LHD
Price : POA


2003 Ferrari 575 GTC for sale

Talk about the car HERE at the GT board




This fantastic car is chassis 000GTM, the very first 360 GT built by Michelotto and sold to JMB Racing to take part to the FIA GT. It has an extensive racing history, as follow :
– 2000 : FIA GT car #70
– 2001 : FIA GT car #63 – Championship winner by team
– 2002 : FIA GT car #52
– 2003 : Daytona 24h / car #22 – Sebring 12h car #29 / Le Mans Testings car #70
Sold to GPC in 2004
– 2005 : FIA GT car#86
Since its retirement the car has been kept preciously in a private collection. In 2016 it was brought to Art & Revs to receive a complete service and is perfectly working. It is in excellent original condition having always been entered by top teams and maintained regardless of cost.
000GTM has the very late specifications including the desirable Hewland 6 speeds sequential gearbox.
This is a truly unique opportunity to acquire an important piece of Ferrari racing history and the very first of Michelotto’s fabulous Ferrari Berlinetta V8.
In the end of the 90s Ferrari was not motivated with other racing programs than the F1 and the Challenge series. With the launch in 1999 from the 360 Modena there was however a great basis for a new GT race car and a proper racing program. After racing successfully 333 SPs in the FIA Sport Cars championship and Le Mans, JMB Racing who had developed a close relationship with Ferrari and Michelotto finally got the authorization to develop and race 360s in the new FIA – N/GT category. Originally Ferrari being reluctant, only 3 cars were built for the 2000 FIA GT season, numbered 000/001/002GTM. After a difficult start the performance and reliability came and in 2001 JMB won both FIA N/GT driver and team titles. This great result encouraged Ferrari to build a proper customer program for the 360 in FIA N/GT & ACO GTLM, in 2002 the car was then available for private teams and a total of about 20 cars were built until 2005 and the replacement by the F430 GT. This was the start of a new area for Ferrari in GT and the success story continued with the 430, 458 and 488s.
Price : Inquire
For more details, contact us directly on +352 661 700 777

2003 Ferrari 360 GT Michelotto


Ferrari 360 GT

This historic 360-GT, chassis 2010, was assembled by Ferrari/Michelotto

Never raced again after 2003, but has since been highly detailed and restored with engine and gearbox rebuilt. It has been demonstrated at some special events, with limited running time. The condition is spectacular for a collector and not typical of used race cars. Importantly the car was further developed, in conjunction with Michelotto, with a much more reliable and durable Michelotto/Hewland gearbox with sequential shift. This car has played a significant part in Ferraris FIA GT victory records, is eligible for many events around the world, and is a piece of choice for any race car collector. Entirely revised, Race ready.

Car is currently fitted with Michelotto / Veloqx spec engine #27, and Michelotto option Ferrari / Hewland NLT gearbox as raced.

Total mileages

· 2002 : 3864kms

2003 : 15,100kms

· Mileage on step 3 engine currently installed, engine #27 : 3,378kms

Basic specifications

· Tony James wiring looms and junction boxes,

· Veloqx developed suspension geometery, 1,297kms on dampers,

· Front AP brake calipers,

· AP racing pedal box,

· Lightweight bodywork,

· High and Low downforce wings,

· Latest level Hewland / Ferrari sequential gearbox, 4,500kms on casing, new gear cluster & CWP bearings

· Magnetti marelli Dass 4 data logger,

· Fuel counter employed to run race strategy,

· Four linear damper pots,

· Steering pot,

· SACHS 4 way adjustable dampers

· Fuel pressure sender,

· Additional oil pressure log,

· 1 x 4 input analogue to CAN box

· Carbon air boxes

· BERU tyre pressure monitoring integrated into marelli data logger,

· Heavyweight long distance headers : 3,378kms,

· Long distance wheel bearings : 1,297kms

· Tripod drive shafts : 1,297kms

Additional extensive 24 Hour spares package including Fresh Zero mileage engine from Michelotto avalible at a additional price.
Maranello Motorsport Melbourne Australia.


Contact seller

Seller: mcoffey
mark coffey
Seller’s other ads
Country: Australia
City: Victoria
Phone: +61-3- 9421-3488
+61 418389086
Currency: EUR
Trade or Private: Trade
Price: €275,000+VAT
Added: 09/11/2017



2006 430 GT2 for sale in France


Click here for more Details

– 2006 Ferrari F430 GT2 – Chassis 2450

This Ferrari F430 GT2 has a huge racing history. It was raced in:

– 2006 FIA GT driven by Peter Kutemann, Antoine Gosse and JP Malcher
– 2007 Le Mans Series
– 2008 Le Mans Series, 24h du Mans (4th in its category)
– Various races in 2009 (Winter Series, Le Mans Series), 2010 and 2011

(full racing history is available upon request).

This F430 GT2 was in the same ownership since new and was raced and serviced by JMB.

The engine has been overhauled by Michelotto in November 2012 and a shakedown has been completed two weeks later. The car never raced since.

This F430 GT2 is for sale with a spare engine and some spare parts.


For sale – 2007 Ferrari F430 Challenge

  • Year: 2007     Make: FERRARI        Model: F430 CHALLENGE  Exterior Color: White/Orange
  • VIN: ZFFEX63X000153168               PRICE: $119,000                    MILES/KM: 14300/23000

This 2007 Ferrari 430 Challenge Car is the winner of the 2017 CCR Forza Tifosi Challenge 430 Championship Series and is established as a well sorted, front running, reliable race car.  Professionally prepared by Honeywell Competition and Automobiles Etcetera, the car has realized multiple wins and podiums during its campaign in the CCR series.  This car with its current driver has been featured twice in Forza Magazine #155 & #160. The car is ready for CCR competition or for your track day pleasure.

At the beginning of 2016, the car had a full engine refresh by Exotic Engines in Reno Nevada. In Mid-2017, the connecting rod bearings were replaced as a preventative service.

Starting in 2016 through the 2017 season, the car was thoroughly gone thru to campaign the CCR series.  Improvements included but not limited to;

  • New clutch
  • New throw-out bearing and shaft
  • New full race Capristo Exhaust with straight pipes and mount
  • All coils have been replaced
  • New thermocouples and O-2 sensors installed
  • Air fuel ratio gages were added
  • Brakes fully upgraded to Taurino steel conversion, installed new in the middle of the 2017 season
  • Full aero package with extended and supported front splitter
  • Carbon front bumper
  • Adjustable rear wing with enlarged carbon endplates
  • Custom brake cooling ducts
  • Full carbon doors, carbon hood, carbon air boxes
  • K&N air filters
  • Heat wrapped intake and exhaust.

All safety equipment was brought up to date/spec in 2017 and approved by CCR, including; a new OMP driver’s seat, new Schroth seat belts, fire bottle re-certified until 2020.  The car is painted red and white underneath its current wrap.

A full spares package is available which includes three sets of wheels, brand new left wheel bearing, hard and soft spring set, hard and soft sways bars, extra front splitter, a-arm bushings, coils, along with a great deal more.   The car is free of any tub damage and has never been in any major on track incidents.  Pictures and replies to any questions can be provided upon request along with the records and receipts.

For Details please contact Ethan Wilson



For sale – Ferrari F430 Challenge


Ferrari F430 Challenge Car
Vin #: ZFFEX63X000151147

Multi-Championship Winning Car, fresh off winning the International GT Maranello Cup Championship. This car has been meticulously maintained through every season, is mechanically flawless, and ready to compete for a 2017 Championship. In order to be competitive, you have to have a proper spares package to go with it and this car has it. Nearly every single sensor and wear item that could be expected to fail in a race event is included. The spare package ALONE is work over $30k dollars. This car has won every race in the 2016 season and never had a single DNF or DNS. There is no better sorted and reliable 430 Challenge Car.

Noteable Items:
Full Aero package
Capristo Headers & Custom Built 2.5″ Straight Pipes
Girodisc Steel Rotor conversion w/ Raybestos Racing Pads
Engine was recently replaced with a brand new Ferrari crate engine.
All suspension bushings are tight, most of them were freshly replaced
All saftey equipment including the fire system is up to date.
Fuel Cells have been replaced.
6 Sets of wheels, New never used rains are mounted, other wheels have slicks with 1-4 heat cycles. Plenty of good rubber to go testing and even racing through your first event.

Spares package includes:
Wheel Bearings
Exhaust parts
Suspension Parts
Over 30 Engine and Transmission Sensors
F1 System Acuator and other components
Wiring Harnesses
Complete Soft Spring and Shock Kit
Complete Swaybar Packages
Complete Fuel Pump Assemblies
and many many more
A complete spares package list can be forwarded to any interested party.

For more information and photos please contact:

Chris Coffey
Norwood Auto Italia
(972) 831-8111



2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge for sale in US

Direct link to the sale

VIN: ZFFEX63X000152246

PRICE: $129,000

This 2006 Ferrari 430 Challenge is the winner of the 2012 Forza CCR Championship.  The car’s body is in almost perfect shape underneath wrap, and is painted its original black color. The engine has been fully refreshed, and currently has only 1 race since rebuild (9/2016).  Total car Km’s is 13,987, and the current clutch wear is 27.89%.  The car has been meticulously maintained by our championship winning race team, and the current owner has spared no expense in maintaining this car.  The car is free of any tub damage, and has never been in any major on track incidents.

The car is fitted the following:

  • Capristo steel brake conversion
  • Full Capristo GT hedders and straight pipe exhaust
  • Full carbon GT Front bumper/splitter & Wing
  • Upgraded aluminum radiators
  • K & N air filters
  • Cool suit system
  • Traqmate telemetry data system
  • Radio wiring

The car comes with (2) sets of spare wheels.


Ferrari F430 Challenge for sale in Padova

Very cheap, never raced, asking is 90.000,– Eur

2009 Ferrari F430 Challenge for sale in US

See more informations HERe at the website



2006 Ferrari F430 Challenge for sale

Direkt link to the sale HERE

This 2006 Ferrari 430 Challenge is well sorted, and has been mechanically well cared for by its current owner.  The car recently receive a new clutch assembly, as well as full pre-track inspection.  The engine was replaced in April 2014, and has only been raced for (4) events.  The car also has its suspension rebuilt/replaced on all 4 corners.   The car is currently wrapped, and the body is in great condition underneath, but would need a full paint job to be presentable.

Other options include:

  • Steel brake conversion
  • Capristo straight pipe hedder and exhaust system
  • Full carbon fiber front bumper/splitter & Rear wing
  • Mechanical fire suppression system
  • Traqmate data system
  • Cool shirt / Helmet system
  • 1 set of spare wheels



2007 Ferrari F430 Challenge Car


Full Aero package with front canards.
Capristo Headers and Exhaust Pipes
Girodisc Steel Rotor conversion w/ Raybestos Racing Pads.
Spare Brake Pads
New Clutch
All suspension bushings are tight, most of them were freshly replaced
All saftey equipment including the fire system is up to date.
Fuel Cells have been replaced.
Spare Sway bars and Springs – Complete Set of all optional Challenge Components
4 Sets of wheels, brand new rains only a couple months old, other wheels have slicks with 1-4 heat cycles. Plenty of good rubber to go testing and even racing through your first event.

This car was purchased midway through this race season and was only run for 3 events, the owner is switching to a different model car. This is a race winning car that’s ready to go, needs nothing! Asking $130k

If you have any questions contact Chris Coffey at Norwood Auto Italia.
(972) 831-8111

Norwood Auto Italia
3219 Commander Drive
Suite 100
Carrollton, TX 75006


Ferrari F430 GT3 for sale in Germany

Talk about the car HERE at the board

Direct link to the seller

Ferrari 430 GT3
Originally delivered:
Original colour:
rosso scuderia
Original interior:
The Ferrari F 430 Challenge Trasformata GT3 has been delivered by Ferrari to
the Ferrari dealership Loris Kessel located in Lugano/Switzerland on the
25.10.2007. The Ferrari invoice shows a selling price at 400.000,-  CHF. Out of
unknown reasons the car was never used in the next few years until it was sold
to its first and last private and German based owner in 2012. The contract of
sale in that time is showing a mere 100 km as an odometer mileage. It is
reported by the only and  last owner that it never had participated in any serious
race. It was more a backup testing car which was frequently driven on private
The overall mileage today shows not more than 3000 km. It will be delivered
with a new engine having only 300 km on the clock plus the original engine. It
received a last service at the well known and very experienced and specialized
Ferrari Service workshop of Stilef in San Marino/Italy before delivery on the 30th
of March 2017 at near to 6000,-  Euros.
The car is in absolutely race ready condition.
The limited version of the F 430 GT3 has a radically reduced  weight of only
1.219 kg compared to 1.350 kg of a normal F 430 and the 1250 kg of the 430
Scuderia. This was the result of an exhaustive schedule of removing all
unnecessary items. The GT3 has been developed by Kessel Racing under the
supervision of Ferrari. Only 100 of these cars were produced. The rersulting car,
designated the F 430 GT3, was superior to the F 430 Challenge in terms of more
highly developed aerodynamics and increased output, even through both
utilised the same 4.3 litre, V8 engine.
Following extensive tuning, the GT3 unit developed 550 bhp, which surpassed
the 483 bhp from the F 430 Challenge and as well the 445 bhp from the GT2
stable mate, the 430 GTC.
The F 430 Challenge Trasformata GT3 received the best F1 knowledge Ferrari
could have implanted into a Ferrari registered for the road.


Ferrari 430 GTC

Direkt link to the sale:

The Ferrari F430 GTC, classified GT2 for racing was a dominant force in both the FIA GT and American Le Mans Series, winning the GT2 Manufacturers Cup and Drivers’ titles in 2006 and 2007, the ALMS GT2 Manufacturers title in 2007, and the GT2 class at Le Mans in 2008.
This car # 2434, ran by the multi championship winning ASM Team / Racing for Portugal between 2006 and 2009, was driven by a small group of known drivers including ex-Formula 1 driver Pedro Lamy, achieving multiple first place finishes and ultimately winning the GT España Championship overall in 2009.

More recently 2434 went on to compete in the MSA British Endurance Championship finishing only a few points away from another overall Championship win in 2012.

Constantly upgraded, concentrating on the engine, aerodynamics, engine and suspension the car is fully race prepared / ready to use with ‘0’ Klm. Engine / Gearbox and complete with software, a good selection of spares and a comprehensive history file.
One of only approximately 50 built by Michelotto this even chassis numbered Ferrari offers great investment potential while being very useable, as it is still eligible for many high-profile events Worldwide or would make a spectacular track day car.



Ferrari F430 GT2 for sale in France

HERE you find a Special discussion about the car at the GT board

2008 Ferrari F430 GT2, Chassis 2616

Delivered March 22nd, 2008 at Fiorano to BMS Scuderia Italia and always raced with BMS.

Fitted with engine No. 072 – gearbox No. 086.

The engine fitted in the car today (No. 079) was in the car for Spa 24 Hours 2008 (finished 1st IC) and the 24 Heures du Mans 2008 (finished 2nd IC).
The last race the car made with this engine was the FIA GT San Luis race in November 2008. At the end of the race, the engine had 2000 kms and hasn’t been raced since.
After its last race in 2009 (FIA GT – Zolder), the car was retired and refurbished by BMS Scuderia to as-new condition before being sold to a private owner.
BMS checked the engine in 2015.
Documented with Ferrari certicate of origin. EU taxes paid. Full racing history available

Year :
Make :
Model :
430 GT2
Type :
Post-war car, Race car
Chassis :
Color :
Drive :
Price :



For sale – 2006 Ferrari 430 GT2

Talk about the car here at the board:

Direkt link to GTC:

Chassis 2446
One of the 41 Ferrari 430 GT Series 1 produced.
Nice racing history.
The car entered the 2008 24 Heures du Mans with Joey Foster, Don Kitch Jr and the Hollywood actor Patrick Dempsey.
It is sold with an extra set of wheels + some spare parts.
Michelotto totally revised the engine (38.000 Euro invoice) and the car was never raced since.

Eligible for the Le Mans Legends races organised by Masters Historic



F430 GTC for sale in UK


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F355 GT for sale in Germany


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Ferrari 355 GT built in 1998 by Supertech, wonderfull race history (FIA-GT / Italien GT-Championship / 3 times 24 h Daytona: 1999 / 2000 / 2002), raced by Ivan Capelli, Franco Scapini, Stefano Bucci, Andrea Garbagnati, race ready, orig. CSAI-technical passport available

Ferrari 355 GT 1998 aufgebaut durch die Fa. Supertech in Italien, hervorragende Rennhistorie: FIA-GT / Italien GT-Championship / 3-mal 24 h Daytona: 1999 / 2000 / 2002, Fahrer: Ivan Capelli, Franco Scapini, Stefano Bucci, Andrea Garbagnati, sofort einsatzbereit, mit Zentralverschluss, original CSAI-Technik Fahrzeugpass (von 1998) vorhanden, sehr umfangreiche Dokumentation, komplette History



2004 Ferrari 360 Challenge for sale in Italy

The Ferrari is in perfect condition, built March 2004

Vin      ZFFYR51B000135782

– ex Nina Jerancic in Ferrari Challenge 2004, 2005 and 2006

– new cluch and the engine was controlled March 2016

– 4 spare rims

Rare model with:

– air jacs

– rollbar for 2 seats

– right windows for passenger

Price is € 80.000,–

Contact Riccardo Ragazzi



Ferrari 360 Challenge for sale in NL

Direkt link to the sale

This Ferrari 360 challenge is race ready for this season. Very well maintained by race specialists. A lot af data logging of different circuits. Plenty spare parts available. 100% crash free car. A unigue change to drive or collect a championship car.
Asking 73.500,– EUR



Ferrari 360 Challenge for sale

Direct link to the sale HERE

This 2001 Ferrari 360 challenge is one of the best, well sorted challenge cars available for sale today.  The car has been fully restored and meticulously maintained by its 2 previous owners.  The car has received a full interior upholstery replacement in its original gray alcantera / red stitching.  The paint and body work are flawless, and the car is free from any previous tub damage.  The white parts of the car are wrapped as well.  The car won the 2014 CCR 360 Championship with driver Jerome Jacalone.  It has also recently competed in HSR and SVRA events.

The car is mechanically sound as well, have an engine replacement in 2011, and only has 2 racing seasons on current motor.  The engine runs very very strong, and the car is fast.  The car is due for a timing belt service as well.

Other options on car include:

  •  3 way adjustable Penske shocks
  • Cool shirt system
  • Mechanical fire suppression system
  • Carbon front bumper splitter / rear carbon bumper with diffuser fins
  • Carbon extended paddles



For SALE – 2003 Ferrari 360 Challenge

Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge

See all Details and the contackt HERE

Factory Built by Ferrari, unlike previous challenge models the 360 was produced in limited numbers as a pure race car.

In excellent condition with a great racing history, with many wins and lap records. Raced in the Ferrari Challenge in 2003 and 2004 and in the Pirelli Ferrari Open in 2010/2011. Never damaged and the engine was rebuilt by GrayPaul Ferrari in Nottingham.

Dyno Sheets show 442hp.

With many lighweight panels, lexan windows and carbon fibre seats the wieght is significantly reduced over the road going car.

F1 Gearbox rebuilt in 2012.

Some spares come with the car, quieter exhaust and brake pads.

Available separately BBS wheels with wet tyres and slick tyres.



Ferrari 360 Challenge for sale in Germany


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Original CHALLENGE ITALIA TROFEO PIRRELLI EX-TEAM Superchallenge, Padova Rosso/ F1 Cambio-316 KW/430 PS-mit Wagenpass zwischen 03/2001 und 10/2006 ca. 40 Rennen/Abstimmungsfahrten, Fahrzeug rund 10.000 KM, technisch im Top Zustand! Seitenteil h. rechts wurde erneuert, sonst kein Unfall! Komplett Rennfertig! NEUER ZAHNRIEMEN IST IM VERKAUFSPREIS ENTHALTEN ! FZG VON PRIVAT §25a USTG, RENNFAHRZEUG / OHNE STRASSENZULASSUNG !



For sale – AF Corse FERRARI 458 GT2 WORKS CAR by Jan B. Lühn


Special thread about the car:

Direkt link to Jan B. Lühn

A race winning Factory Works car
Chassis No 2880

Model history:

Ferrari unveiled their new GTE class racer in 2011 to take part in Championships sanctioned by ACO and FIA. The first 458 GT2/GTE was chassis 2804.

The 458 Italia GT2 drops the “flex splitter” found in the road cars and replaced with a more conventional inlet, with the air exit out through louvers in the bonnet. Under new restrictor regulations, the 4.5L engine produces about 470bhp.

Unlike the road car, which has a high-revving low-torque engine, the GT2 version only revs to 6,250 rpm, but maintains a close-to-stock torque number even with the horsepower loss. The double-clutch gearbox had to be replaced, but paddle-shifting is retained since rules in 2011 allow them.
So far the 458 Italia GT2 has had an impressive racing record and is for sure one of the most successful Ferrari racing cars. The car won the 2012 and 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans, the 2012 12 Hours of Sebring and two editions of the Petit Le Mans, the first in 2011 and the second in 2012.

In 2011 the 458 Italia GT2 took the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup GTE Manufacturers’ and the GTE PRO Team Titles, the Le Mans Series GTE Manufacturers’ and GTE PRO Team and Drivers’ honours and the International GT Open Overall and Super GT Team and Drivers’ crowns. The following year, with the creation of an FIA-managed World Championship, the car obtained the GTE Manufacturers’ and GTE PRO Team Titles in the FIA World Endurance Championship. In the same year the Italian car gained the European Le Mans Series GTE PRO Team and Drivers’ honours and the International GT Open Overall and Super GT Manufacturers’, Team and Drivers’ crowns. In 2013 the car repeated its successes, winning the FIA World Endurance Championship GTE Manufacturers’, GTE PRO Team, GTE Drivers’ and GTE AM Team Titles, the European Le Mans Series GTE Team and Drivers’ honours, the Asian Le Mans Series GTE Team and Drivers’ crowns and the International GT Open Overall and Super GT Manufacturers’ and Drivers’ Titles. In 2014 the 458 Italia GT2 achieved, for the third straight year, the FIA World Endurance Championship GTE Manufacturers’ and GTE PRO Team honours, as well as, for the second time in a row, the GTE Drivers’ crown (which had been instituted in 2013). For the fourth time the car also clinched the European Le Mans Series GTE Team and Drivers’ Titles, but it didn’t take part in the International GT Open and Asian Le Mans Series Championships (the 458 Italia GT3 raced in both these series that year).
In 2015 Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 cars competed in the FIA World Endurance Championship, European Le Mans Series and Tudor United SportsCar Championship.[43]

It will most definitely be missed though, as its screaming 4.5 litre V8 has become part of sportscar racing’s modern soundtrack and hasn’t been succeed by an equally ferocious noise from the newer 488 which looks more aggressive, but sounds far more tame.

The 458 GT2 will be remembered as the last normal aspirated Ferrari GT race car.

In light of its two major achievements this season, here’s a complete rundown of all its big wins and titles since its debut:

• ILMC GTE Title, AF Corse
• Petit Le Mans GTE winners, AF Corse
• International GT Open Teams Championship
• International GT Open Drivers Championship

• FIA WEC, Manufacturers Champions
• FIA WEC, Teams Champions, AF Corse
• Le Mans 24 Hours GTE Pro Winners, AF Corse
• Sebring 12 Hours GTE Winners, AF Corse
• Petit Le Mans, GT Winners
• ELMS Teams Champions
• International GT Open Team Champions, AF Corse
• International GT Open Drivers Championship, Gianmaria Bruni, Federico Leo

• FIA WEC Manufacturers Champions
• FIA WEC Teams Champions, AF Corse
• FIA WEC GT Drivers Championship, Gianmaria Bruni
ELMS GTE Teams Championship
ELMS GTE Drivers Championship Johnny Mowlem & Matt Griffin
• Asian LMS GTE Championship
• International GT Open Drivers Championship, Andrea Montermini

• FIA WEC Manufacturers Champions
• FIA WEC Teams Champions, AF Corse
• FIA WEC GT Drivers Championship, Gianmaria Bruni, Toni Vilander
• Le Mans 24 Hours GTE Pro Winners, AF Corse
• ELMS GTE Teams Championship 
• ELMS GTE Drivers Championship, Sergey Zlobin, Andrea Bertolini, Viktor Shaytar

• Le Mans 24 Hours GTE Am Winners
• ELMS GTE Teams Championship
• ELMS GTE Drivers Championship, Mikkel Mac, Johnny Laursen

• FIA WEC GTE Am Teams Championship, AF Corse
• FIA WEC GTE Am Drivers Championship, Francois Perrodo, Emanuelle Collard, Rui Aguas with AF Corse
• Le Mans 12 Hours GTE Am winners

Year by Year:

• ILMC: 5 x Class Wins, AF Corse
• LMS: 3 x GTE Pro Class Wins, AF Corse
• LMS: 2 x GTE Pro Class Wins, JMW Motorsport
• ALMS: 1 x Class Win, Risi Competition
• ALMS: 1 x Class Win, AF Corse
• International GT Open: 3 x Race Wins, Scuderia Villorba Corse
• International GT Open: 3 x Race Wins, JMB Racing
• International GT Open: 1 x Race Win, Edil Cris Racing
• International GT Open: 1 x Class Win, Kessel Racing

• FIA WEC: 5 x GTE Pro Class Wins, AF Corse
• FIA WEC: 1 x GTE Am Class Win, AF Corse
• ELMS: 2 x GTE Class Wins, JMW Motorsport
• ALMS: 2 x GTLM Class Wins, ESM Motorsport

• International GT Open: 3 x Race Wins, Scuderia Villorba Corse
• International GT Open: 1 x Race Win, Kessel Racing
• FIA WEC: 3 x GTE Pro Class Wins, AF Corse
• FIA WEC: 2 x GTE Am Class Wins, 8Star Motorsport
• ELMS: 3 x GTE Class Wins, RAM Racing
• ALMS: 1 x GTLM Class Win, Risi Competizione
• International GT Open: 5 x Race Wins, Scuderia Villorba Corse
• International GT Open: 3 x Race Wins, AF Corse
• International GT Open: 1 x Race Win, Kessel Racing
• Asian Le Mans Series: 4 x Class Wins, Team Taisan
• FIA WEC: 4 x GTE Pro Class Wins, AF Corse
• FIA WEC: 1 x GTE Am Class Win, AF Corse
• ELMS: 3 x GTE Class Wins, AF Corse
• ELMS: 2 x GTE Class Wins, SMP Racing
• TUSCC: 2 x GTLM Class Wins, Risi Competition
• International GT Open: 3 x Race Wins, SMP Racing
• International GT Open: 2 x Race Wins, Scuderia Villorba Corse
• FIA WEC: 3 x GTE Pro Class Wins, AF Corse
• FIA WEC: 3 x GTE Am Class Wins, SMP Racing
• FIA WEC: 1 x GTE Am Class Win, AF Corse
• ELMS: 2 x GTE Class Wins, Formula Racing
• ELMS: 1 x GTE Class Win, AT Racing
• WEC: 2 x GTE Am Class Wins, AF Corse
• ELMS: 3 x GTE Class Wins, JMW Motorsport
A total number of 42 cars have been built by Michelotto, of them are about 14 Works cars.
Specific history of this car:
Chassis 2880 is one of the last built 458 GTE. It was first delivered to the Works team AF Corse on 27 March 2014 and was prepared as one of the two Works cars for the 2014 WEC season in the GTE Pro class.
2014 WEC Works car, Team AF Corse, starting number 71:
• WEC Test Paul Richard, 29 March, 2nd position, Rigon / Bruni / Calado
• Silverstone 6 hours, 20 April, 5th position, Rigon / Calado
• Spa-Francorchamps 6 hours, 3 May, 3rd position, Rigon / Calado
• Le Mans Test, 1 June, 5th position, Rigon / Calado / Beretta
• 24 hours of Le Mans, 15/16 June, Rigon / Calado / Beretta, accident in practice and T-car
• Austin 6 hours, 20 September, 5th position, Rigon / Calado
• Fuji 6 hours, 12 October, 2nd position, Rigon / Calado
• Shanghai 6 hours, 2 November, 3rd position, Rigon / Calado
• Bahrain 6 hours, 15 November, 3rd position, Rigon / Calado
• Interlagos 6 hours, 30 November, 3rd position, Rigon / Calado
At the end of the season Ferrari won with chassis 2880 the World Endurance Cup for GT Manufacturers (GTE Pro), beating Porsche and Aston Martin.
For the 2015 season chassis 2880 was entered by AF Corse in the WEC GTE AM championship, driven by Francois Perrodo, Emmanuel Collard, Rui Aguas and Matteo Cressoni.
2015 WEC AM, Team AF Corse, starting number 83:
• WEC Test Paul Richard, 28 March, 5th position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• Silverstone 6 hours, 12 April, 2nd position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• Spa-Francorchamps 6 hours, 2 May, 2nd position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• Le Mans Test, 31 May, 7th position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• 24 hours of Le Mans, 13/14 June, 4th position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• Nürburgring 6 hours, 30 August, 3rd position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• Austin 6 hours, 19 September, 3rd position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• Fuji 6 hours, 11 October, 3rd position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• Shanghai 6 hours, 1 November, 1st position, Perrodo / Collard / Aguas
• Bahrain 6 hours, 21 November, 4th position, Collard / Perrodo / Cressoni
At the end of the season Francois Perrodo and Emmanuel Collard finished 2nd in the WEC GTE AM class (FIA Endurance Trophy for LM GTE AM Drivers).
For 2016 the car was then entered in the European Le Mans Series (ELMS), driven by Piergiuseppe Perazzini, Marco Cioci and Rui Aguas.
2016 European Le Mans Series (ELMS) GTE, Team AF Corse, starting number 51:
• Silverstone 4 hours, 16 April, 7th position, Perazzini / Cioci / Aguas
• Imola 4 hours, 15 May, 7th position, Perazzini / Cioci / Aguas
• Red Bull ring 4 hours, 17 July, 2nd position, Perazzini / Cioci / Aguas
• Paul Richard 4 hours, 28 August, DNF, Perazzini / Cioci / Aguas
• Spa-Francorchamps 4 hours, 25 September, 6th position, Perazzini / Cioci / Aguas
• Estoril 4 hours, 23 October, 4th position, Perazzini / Cioci / Aguas
At the end of the season Piergiuseppe Perazzini, Marco Cioci and Rui Aguas finished in 8th position in the GTE class in the ELMS.
After the season the car was retired from active racing and was fully restored by the Works team AF Corse to 2014 WEC GTE Pro standards. The car is now presented in excellent condition throughout. It still retains a lovely patina and is fully ready to go.
The car will be sold with a nice documentation, a Ferrari red book ‚Classiche certificate‘ and a AF Corse certificate of authenticity.
This is a very rare opportunity to purchase a real race and World championship winning Works Ferrari coming directly fro the Works team. The car is ideal as a center piece in any Ferrari collection but is also full eligible for the highly attractive Masters series ‚Endurance Legends‘ where it could easily win the GT category.



Ferrari 458 GT3

Direkt link to the sale


Ferrari 458 GT3

New Bodyshell/gearbox before the finale BP endurance race at NBR 2015.

Gearbox/drivetrain/Chassis has done aprox 900 km.           Engine 9.500 km.

Car was not raced in 2016.

To be sold with 3 sets of wheels some spares and equipment to run the car.

Very rare opportunity to buy a Ferrari 458 GT3 as new.

Asking: EUR 298.000,–



Ferrari 458 GT3 for sale

Direkt link to the sale


Ferrari 458 GT3 2014

the car was bought new from KESSEL in 2014. She was running in french GT championship in 2014 and 2015 (2nde  overall in the 2015 championship).

new chassis (0 km), engine 9887 Kms, car completely rebuilt in 2016
Full upgrades 2014 / 2015 / 2016 (except steering wheel and console), helmet net
Important spare package, including spare engine with 2000 Kms

Magnetti Marelli Beacon, extended data acquisition MTACorse with sensors. More informations, photos and spare package list on deman, ready to race.

Askin: POA



Ferrari 458 GT3 for sale in GB


Direct link to the sale

RossoVerde Racing Team Parts inventory sale

As part of an end of season re-organisation of the team at its headquarters in the UK , RossoVerde is offering for sale its surplus stock of parts for the F360 and F430 models, in both Challenge and GT3 format. The current RossoVerde F458 is being prepared and campaigned in Australia. A basic website has been created with photos, prices, part numbers, and descriptions of the new and used parts, mostly genuine Ferrari and Kessel.


For sale – Ferrari 458 GT3 Rinaldi Racing VIN 3494


Click here for more Details

For sale is a green Ferrari 458 GT3. Competing successfully the Blancpain GT Series from 2014 to 2016.

Originally from 2014; after an accident in Spa in 2014, Ferrari rebuilt this car as complete new Ferrari 458 GT3 spec 2015; just the chassis number remains the same.

3rd Overall in the Blancpain GT Series 2015 with several wins and pole positions.

The Ferrari 458 GT3 will be delivered as follows:

– 2x additional set of rims

– Krontec airjack system

– Body paint color green

– Additional front bumper

– Additional extension rear left and right

325.000 EUR ex VAT


2017 Ferrari 488 GT3 for sale in Germany

Price: 520.000,– EUR plus VAT


We are selling our Ferrari 488 GT3. The car was built at the beginning of 2017. The gearbox is revised.

The car participated in the Blancpain GT Series season and won the Sprint Series ProAm class.

Ferrari 488 GT3 details:

  • Version 2017
  • Mileage: 16.300 km
  • Body color green


  • 2 sets of rims


  • Extended Data Acquisition System
  • Carbon Clutch
  • Oil and Water Quick Refilling System
  • Endurance Brake Caliper
  • Stell Wheel Nuts
  • Katalyst Exhaust System

Direkt link to the sale:



2011 Ferrari 458 GTE for sale in CH

No Chassis number.

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6’000 km
Schaltgetriebe sequentiell
4’498 cm3
1’250 kg
CHF 380’000.-

2 Sätze Slicks
1 Satz Regenräder
1 Satz Schalldämpfer



2011 Ferrari 458 GT2 for sale in Italy


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excellent conditions

Recent Competition History


Performance Data

  • Class: FIA GT2


  • Engine Builder: FERRARI
  • Manufacturer: FERRARI
  • Type: 458 GT2
  • Displacement: 4498


  • Manfacturer: HEWLAND


  • Brakes: BREMBO
  • Wheels: BBS


  • Color/Finish: BLACK




Ferrari 458 GT2 for sale


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For sale a beautiful example of the Marques 2011 GT2 car. Eligible for Le Mans classes worldwide. Currently residing in the USA this car is for sale at 375,000$.

The car has campaigned in the now redundant ALMS competition with ESM Racing in the USA. The team maintained this car right up until the 2013 upgrade from Michelloto, Since then has been stored professionally and hours have been limited.

2014 Upgrades are easily come by.

The chassis number of the car is 2816, the car was previously raced with the No 1 race number and became iconic as part of the series for its huge successes. The car won 3 class wins and finished on the podium several times throughout the season. The last race the car contested was at Sebring 12 Hour last season.

The car could be used in Asian Le Mans Series, European Le Mans Series, IMSA and many others across the world.

Price includes shipping within the USA. Team HQ in Florida.


2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge at Gooding Auction Scottsdale

Will be interesting to follow. No details or estimate at the moment.

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2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge for sale in US

Race Ready +-16000 KM
Gear box has been replaced once
Anyone considering buying this car for CCR events, we will include race support for the first race weekend and will guarantee the car to be in perfect working condition (excluding accidents/crash)
Includes spare set of wheels
Asking is $165,000

Ferrari 458 Challenge for sale in US


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2011 Ferrari 458 Challenge Car – Only 1 previous picky owner and 3K miles.
Like new and never any damage history.

Comes with all paperwork since new.
This car a video game to drive with air conditioning.
Super-fast, very safe and extremely reliable.

Wild street car! Interesting street-car trades encouraged. Contact Dan at 937-605-1505 or


2002 Ferrari 360 N-GT Michelotto N-GT MICHELOTTO


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VIN: ZFFYR51B000123037

The Ferrari 360 N-GT was a 360 Challenge car tuned by Michellotto for the N-GT category of the FIA GT Championship. It was the fastest version of the Ferrari 360[5] with over 540 bhp when derestricted. The 360 N-GT was capable of a top speed of around 190 mph with a 0-60 time of around 3 seconds.[6] It was the final car built through a Ferrari-Michelotto collaboration.[7] The car is still raced internationally with success to this day. The most recent major victory achieved by a 360 Michelotto was by SB Race Engineering at the 2011 Britcar Championship where the 360 N-GT as on many occasions outperformed the newer F430 GT cars.

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Ferrari 360 N-GT for sale in US


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2004 360 GT s/n 2040. This is the LAST car of the 20 cars built by Michelotto in the 360 GT Series(s/n 2002 thru s/n 2040). Being the last Evolution of this model and predecessor to the 360 GTC Series this individual car has the Magnete Marelli Injection giving it 475 hp as opposed to 445 hp in the other cars of this Series. Also as the last Evolution of this model the all-alloy chasis and body weight was reduced from 2420lbs down to 2310lbs. Additional upgrades in this last Evolution include a Marelli Ignition System, adjustable brake system(front and rear), upgraded carbon-fiber rear wing , upgraded electronic traction control, the first car to have Michelotto’s sequential gearbox(€60000) and the upgraded exhaust manifold(ALL these upgrades became standard in the 360 GTC Series). With its massive Brembo brakes and carbon-fiber body panels, the 360 GT was the weapon of choice to compete in the FIA N-GT series and the American Le Mans and Rolex Grand-Am series.



2017 Ferrari 488 GTE for sale in FL

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2017 Ferrari 488 Challenge for sale

One of the first 488 CH for sale




2010 Ferrari 599 XX Evolutione Coupe for sale

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Car price:
1 350 000,00 €
599 XX Evolutione
2 000Km
Fuel Type:
Drive train:
rosso corsa



For sale – Ferrari 308 GT/M 1of3


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1982 Ferrari 308 GT/M Berlinetta Competizione
Chassis No. 001

The direct progenitor to the Ferrari Supercar line
Designed and purpose-built as Ferrari’s Group B challenger
First non monoposto Ferrari to have a carbon composite body.
Developed by Michelotto and Ferrari; based on the V-8 308
Important and influential, directly leading to the 288 GTO and F40
Purchased in 1984 by famed first owner, Jean “Beurlys” Blaton
The first of just three 308 GT/Ms; only three prior owners
Incredible performance with 308-based racing engine
Highly documented, equipped, versatile, and ready to enjoy.

Overview: A little-known, but incredibly important competition car developed jointly by Michelotto and Ferrari as Ferrari’s FIA Group B rally contender, leading directly to the 288 GTO, 288 Evoluzione, and ultimately the shattering F40 supercar. One of just three 308 GT/Ms built in all, purchased in 1984 by famed Ferrari racer, Jean “Beurlys” Blaton. With only three prior owners, 308 GT/M s/n 001 is “on the button” and ready to deliver an incredible experience.

Specifications: 2,927 cc Tipo 0026 P DOHC 90° V-8 engine, four valves per cylinder, Kugelfischer mechanical fuel injection and Magnetti-Marelli electronic ignition, 370 hp @ 8,900 rpm, Hewland five-speed manual gearbox, four-wheel independent suspension with coil springs, Brembo hydraulic four-wheel disc brakes, wheelbase: 92.125”

Due to the rapidly escalating costs and the technical and logistical demands required to compete at the top echelon of Formula One by the late 1970s, Ferrari focused its “works” racing efforts on this singular competition arena and increasingly formalized its relationship with the Michelotto tuning and racing organization, which owned the official Ferrari service center in Padua, Italy. To hard-core sports-car racers and fans, the name Michelotto carries a well-deserved reputation for its outstanding race-car preparation and dominant performances from the company’s inception in 1969, eventually becoming in effect a “semi-works” arm of Ferrari, preparing and racing every non-Formula One Ferrari to the present day.

As stated in the book, Ferrari 166 to F50 GT: The Racing Berlinettas, “In fact, after the close of the “Servizio Assistenza Clienti,” Michelotto built and developed all the racing versions of Ferraris for the factory’s customers who wanted to go racing; Michelotto can be considered the Customer Racing Department of Ferrari and is dedicated totally to Ferrari, only carrying out the factory’s wishes.”

During the 1970s, Michelotto moved from strength to strength, using the rowdy Ferrari Dino-powered Lancia Stratos to great effect and winning a succession of Italian rally championships. Following the Stratos’ retirement, Ferrari’s new V-8 powered 308 GTB was Michelotto’s weapon of choice from 1978, since it had already been homologated by Ferrari for FIA Group 4 rally competition and was known to be incredibly agile with its relatively short wheelbase and stable on uneven surfaces. Featuring distinctive colors, high-profile Pioneer audio sponsorship, and exceptionally well prepared cars, Michelotto’s drivers dominated early-1980s European rallying, focusing on tarmac events where they could exploit the strengths of their 308s and score championship points.

While not (officially) directly involved with Michelotto’s Group 4 rallying program, Ferrari was nonetheless impressed and partnered with Michelotto for a more extreme purpose-built car to contest the new Group B formula, which spurred development of many of the wildest high-performance cars ever conceived. The relatively unrestricted new Group B “evoluzione” regulations allowed Michelotto to take the basic 308 GTB concept to the extreme with the mid-mounted V-8 engine turned from the road-car’s transverse placement to a new longitudinal position within the tubular chassis for ease of access to the engine and gearbox. Lowered engine placement also provided a low center of gravity. Production-based underpinnings were modified for competition use. The first chassis was completed in 1983 and the body was constructed from cutting-edge carbon-fiber composite and Kevlar panels from a hand-formed aluminum buck. Quite similar in appearance to the 512 BBLM GT, the new car’s body was purposefully aggressive with short front and rear overhangs, radically flared rear fenders, a tall rear wing, and plenty of cooling vents. The V-8 engine was based on that of the 308 GTB road cars, using the alloy cylinder block and the new Quattrovalvole four-valve cylinder heads, plus competition-spec pistons, cams, and valves. Fuel delivery was via a custom system utilizing a Kugelfischer pump and Bosch injectors. Producing a reliable 370 bhp at 8,500 rpm, the engine’s power was delivered by a five-speed Hewland competition gearbox. Weighing just 840 kilograms (1,850 pounds), acceleration was incredible, with a top speed quoted at 270 kilometers per hour (167 mph).

This new Group B missile was designated 308 GT/M, with the “M” denoting Michelotto. Developed jointly by Ferrari and Michelotto, the 308 GT/M was relentlessly tested at Ferrari’s Fiorano circuit and as the prototype was wring out, various wheelbases and vital components were tested. Despite the program secrecy, word of the 308 GT/M leaked out and one of Ferrari’s most committed racers, Jean “Beurlys” Blaton of Belgium, who purchased the 308 GT/M prototype car – s/n 001, the car offered here – during 1984. The second 308 GT/M was raced just once, at the 1984 Rally di Monza, where driver Lele Pinto demonstrated the car’s great speed and promise, leading the event until a crash forced its retirement. While very quick, the 308 GT/M was soon eclipsed by the new wave of turbocharged, all-wheel-drive competitors that would take rally competition to ridiculous and lethal extremes resulting in the cancellation of Group B altogether after the Tour de Corse in 1986. Later, a third GT/M was built for a Dutch collector, using the remaining spare parts still on hand.

While the racing life of the 308 GT/M was very short and only three were built in all, the program was an important step in the development and DNA of two of Ferrari’s most important ‘supercars’ of the 1980s and beyond, particularly the 288 GTO, 288 GTO Evoluzione, and the shattering F40. With only three prior owners from new, 308 GT/M s/n 001 was raced by Mr. Blaton and the third owner; as such, it is properly sorted and equipped with a full roll cage and fire-suppression system. Since the engine is basically a race-prepped version of the basic four-valve V-8 used by the regular-production 308 road cars, parts are still readily available and maintenance is relatively low in cost compared to other classic Ferrari racing cars. Importantly, 308 GT/M 001 is of course eligible for a multitude of today’s most desirable touring, racing, or classic rally events and with its adjustable suspension settings and outstanding purpose-built serviceability, it is an immensely versatile and capable machine that comes with two seats, allowing you to share the incredible experience it delivers. The car is presently fitted with a 6-speed sequential Hewland gearbox; however, it is accompanied by the original Hewland 5-speed, plus an a spare set of wheels and an optional carburettor fuel system. As now offered, 308 GT/M s/n 001 is very well-documented and accompanied by extensive service records, and is and ready to go, offering an incredible experience and performance while being quite surprisingly easy to drive and forgiving, despite its incredible all-around performance potential. Extensively covered in a number of books and magazines, 308 GT/M sn/001 is a fascinating and important component of the rich Ferrari and Michelotto racing heritage and the direct progenitor of Ferrari’s 288 GTO, 288 Evoluzione, and the F40 supercar. Do you really have ALL of the Ferrari Supercars without their direct progenitor?? Priced to sell at $999,000/OBO All Ferrari/Lamborghini trades carefully considered.

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