Ferrari F430 GT2 for sale

F430 GT2 for sale in US

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This example of a Michelotto F430 GT2 has undergone a full overhaul at the factory following its celebrated racing career. This F430 was entered and won 1st place at the Boughton House Ferrari Owners Club Concours Event. Luca de Montezemelo (CEO of Ferrari at the time) commented on how he believed this to be the best condition Ferrari 430 GT2 in existence.

This vehicle has had an extensive and successful racing career with many podium finishes in the Le Mans Series, but most importantly it entered and finished the 24 hours of Le Mans. The drivers through its life include Antonio Garcia, Leo Mansell and Jamie Melo.

The superb condition and provenance of this vehicle would make it a fine addition to a car Collection.


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