Ferrari Challenge and GT Meeting 14. April 2016

We are planning our first meeting in 2016 on Thursday 14. April at the Salzburgring in Austria. Open for all Ferrari Challenge and GT Cars. At the famous Salzburgring we will share our “Passione” together for the fantastic Cars.


Open to all Ferrari Challenge an GT Cars

Come together: Wednesday 11. 05. 2016 Evening (lets see how many we are)

When: Thursday 14.04. 2016

Track Time: 4 Sessions à 30 Min. (depends on how many Cars we are)

Costs: also depends on how many Cars we are, but around EUR 4-500,– per Person when we are around 10 Cars

Boxes: possible, no problem

Where: Salzburgring WEBSITE


Salzburgring%20Impressionen%203%20(c) RTEmagicC_Salzbrugring_c_Free

No Racing, more a Track- and open Pitlane Day with Friends and Fans of the fantastic Ferrari Challenge and GT Cars.

And of course – NO noise limit!

If you are interested, please send us a HERE a short note with your Details and what Car(s) you want to bring.

Stay up to date for more Informations…

Forza Ferrari



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