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WARRANTY Last Road Legal Ferrari Road & Race Car!

SIX MONTH WARRANTY. RESTORED. Paint, Engine out service and detail, New Leather for Dash, New



This car marks the end of the the classic Ferraris that you could legally drive to the track, race and then drive home, like the Ferrari 250GTO, 250LM, 250 TDF, etc.

A unique and special 1997 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta 355CH / 355 Challenge car.

AutoExpress Magazine in the UK ranked the 355 as the second best Ferrari of all time in its Top Ten list, and this 355 CH is the most desirable of all the 355 Ferrari.


The only known fully factory constructed 355 Challenge Car with a Ferrari dealer issued Title. The fact is post-1995 355CH were NOT sold with Titles, making this the only known, factory-built 355 racecar sold with a legitimate Title issued by an authorized Ferrari Dealer .

The Title is signed by a well-known Ferrari figure.

Most 355 Challenge Cars are 1995 models that were sold as regular 355s and then converted by their owners to 355 Challenge cars.

Unlike those cars, this 355 was fully constructed by the Factory as a Challenge car from its inception at the Ferrari factory in Maranello.  

Believed to have been driven by Paul Newman at Lime Rock. Ferrari’s Museum displayed the images of Newman and the F355.


This Ferrari has been restored making perhaps best condition 355 CH available anywhere.

Painted the proper Ferrari Gallo using the formula from the classic 275 GT.

New Paint, new livery graphics (removable if purchaser so desires), new leather dash & new leather trim around the rear window, new alcantara headliner, new Pirelli Trofeo tires, all the interior plastic switches were refinished so as to eliminate any of the so-called “sticky” parts.  New Challenge set covers were obtained from Italy, including seat cushions, to restore the seats to new looking condition. An engine-out service & detail was performed, seatbelts restored, new windshield (original windshield had a few pit marks), restored wheels, etc. 

This racecar has from the factory power mirrors, power windows, traditional analog gauges, premium leather dash and best of all, the classic Ferrari gated shifter.

The 355CH is the last Ferrari racecar that has an actual accelerator cable that connects the gas pedal to the 8 engine throttle bodies.  After the 355, Ferrari’s challenge racecars were no longer street drivable road and track cars and they were all paddle shift cars with drive by wire.

Ferrari has just announced its future cars will all be hybrids….and then likely electric. The end of the era is here and this car stands at a truly unique point in Ferrari’s history—the true Enzo Ferrari history.

That’s right, in Ferrari’s glorious history, this is THE VERY LAST Ferrari racecar with the classic Ferrari Gated Manual Shifter, just as Enzo Ferrari had always known when he created Ferrari.

The last Ferrari road and track car built by Ferrari and sold with a street title…..and with a manual gearbox.

This F355CH marks the end of the Enzo Era. There will never be another Ferrari road and track race-car like this ever produced by Ferrari again: A car you can drive to the track, race and drive home, with its power windows and mirrors and an exhaust that sounds better than a Tubi and is completely streetable while making the most beautiful music.

Additional information/history;

This special Ferrari has a title signed by the owner two factory authorized Ferrari dealerships and the first Ferrari body repair shop in the United States as well as the founder and owner of a championship winning Ferrari Challenge team. 

The vast majority of 355 Challenge Cars are 1995 models. These were ordinary 355s converted to Challenge cars by owners who would purchase a kit from dealer that the dealer would then install. They were NOT factory-built racecars.

All 1996 and later 355 Challenge cars were, by order of Ferrari, to be sold MSO (Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin). None were to be sold with Title and thus none were supposed to be usable on the street—except this one!

After 1995 and starting in 1996, Ferrari would no longer be allowed to sell OBD I Ferraris in the United States. Instead every car from 1996 forward would have to be OBD II. However, the Ferrari 355 Challenge Race Series required cars to have OBD I management systems so that all the cars could be essentially the same in the Challenge series.   It would have been illegal for Ferrari to sell OBD I 355s from 1996 to 1999, yet more 355 Challenge cars were required for the race series. Thus, the inhouse built 355 Challenge was born as a way to get around the OBD II requirements while still producing more 355 Challenge racecars. Ferrari would build the Challenge racecars in-house. Ferrari would install the OBD I drivetrain and management systems including the OBD I wiring harness etc., in cars built after 1995. This 355 CH is the only known 355CH sold with a road legal title from a Ferrari dealer.

LIMITED WARRANTY:  SIX MONTHS OR SIX THOUSAND MILES, WHATEVER COMES FIRST.  Wear and tear items, such as brakes, clutch, tires not included.  Warranty covers street usage of vehicle not racing of the vehicle. Warranty covers components that fail where failure is not due to driver error.


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