348 GT Competizione 1993

348 GT Competizione 1993

The 348 GT Competizione was a model designed specifically for the GT Championship on the 348 GTB platform. The car was radically lightened by eliminating all and any comfort-oriented features, including air-conditioning and mats.

Its dry weight was 1180 kg complete with all of the safety equipment sported by the 348 Challenge version. The transmission had a short 25/27 gear ratio and a racing clutch with reinforced discs. The brakes were derived from the F 40 Evoluzione with no ABS, but larger discs and calipers.

Even the suspension was modified for racing with rigid rose joints, competition-ready dampers and springs. The standard car’s 17” wheels were replaced by 18” ones with 239/635/18 tyres to the front and 265/645/18 to the rear. There was no great difference, however, in the engine, aside from the free flow exhaust.

Ferrari 348 GT Competizione – 1993


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