348 Challenge documentary video

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Re: 348 Challenge documentary video

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Liuck420 wrote:
Fri 9. Dec 2016, 09:54
Hello guys...
I want to make a comment on this video, or rather, on this car ...
I know her pretty well, I was proposed a year and a half ago, the car is undoubtedly that of the Ferrari website (you can see from the original plate, first of all), and I also believe that in fact, is one of three demonstration car ferrari used during the presentation / output 348challenge. (Respectively 1 TB with original blacks skirts and spoilers, 1 TB with red tint spoiler and side skirts ((those from the video)) and a TS, driven by Alesi in some tests documented in the journal ferrari world, for the output of the challenge series) .
Unfortunately, this car was not treated as he deserved, and above all is not perfect as it seems ... apart from having various pieces of non-original 348challenge kit (such as seats, belts etc.) who did the restoration, did some impropriety that absolutely NOT do, in special cars like this, and only for the purpose of recovering the value (business) ...
"few words to the wise"
... Really a shame.
* Congratulations to the boys instead of OMNIAUTO for doing this video;)
... SOON ANOTHER SOMEONE will release videos on the legendary #348challenge stay connected !!!!!
Would you be able to expand on the state of the car before when you were offered the car?

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