F430 GT3 for sale in Germany

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F430 GT3 for sale in Germany

Post by challenger24 » Wed 31. May 2017, 21:16

Not a works car but good looking, what you think?

Link to the seller: http://www.mariobernardi.de/mario-berna ... /index.htm

Ferrari 430 GT3

Originally delivered:
Original colour:
rosso scuderia
Original interior:

The Ferrari F 430 Challenge Trasformata GT3 has been delivered by Ferrari to

the Ferrari dealership Loris Kessel located in Lugano/Switzerland on the

25.10.2007. The Ferrari invoice shows a selling price at 400.000,-  CHF. Out of

unknown reasons the car was never used in the next few years until it was sold

to its first and last private and German based owner in 2012. The contract of

sale in that time is showing a mere 100 km as an odometer mileage. It is

reported by the only and  last owner that it never had participated in any serious

race. It was more a backup testing car which was frequently driven on private


The overall mileage today shows not more than 3000 km. It will be delivered

with a new engine having only 300 km on the clock plus the original engine. It

received a last service at the well known and very experienced and specialized

Ferrari Service workshop of Stilef in San Marino/Italy before delivery on the 30th

of March 2017 at near to 6000,-  Euros.

The car is in absolutely race ready condition.

The limited version of the F 430 GT3 has a radically reduced  weight of only

1.219 kg compared to 1.350 kg of a normal F 430 and the 1250 kg of the 430

Scuderia. This was the result of an exhaustive schedule of removing all

unnecessary items. The GT3 has been developed by Kessel Racing under the

supervision of Ferrari. Only 100 of these cars were produced. The rersulting car,

designated the F 430 GT3, was superior to the F 430 Challenge in terms of more

highly developed aerodynamics and increased output, even through both

utilised the same 4.3 litre, V8 engine.

Following extensive tuning, the GT3 unit developed 550 bhp, which surpassed

the 483 bhp from the F 430 Challenge and as well the 445 bhp from the GT2

stable mate, the 430 GTC.

The F 430 Challenge Trasformata GT3 received the best F1 knowledge Ferrari

could have implanted into a Ferrari registered for the road.
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Re: F430 GT3 for sale in Germany

Post by F355CH » Mon 5. Jun 2017, 10:01

Asking is 225.000 Eur

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Re: F430 GT3 for sale in Germany

Post by F355CH » Mon 5. Jun 2017, 14:46


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