Part 1 – The journey to Cavalino Classic 28 with the Ferrari 348 GTC LM

Palm Beach in Florida is every year a fantastic place to start the saison. Cavallino Classic 28 takes place from 23.-26. this month.

This year I am bringing and showing the “little” Ferrari 348 GTC LM, a car with big history in fantastic condition. Will do the track at Palm Beach Raceway on Thursday/Friday and the big Concours on Saturday infront the Brakers Hotel.

A big Adventure for the car, the trip from Austria, via Rotterdam to NY and then to Florida.

I would like to take you on the journey and will post and share the stations and experiences.

Have fun and enjoy with me the trip of the Ferrari 348 GTC LM

Ferrari 488 Challenge for sale

This Rosso Scuderia 488 Challenge is directly available.

More Pictures and Details: HERE

Compared to the production 488 GTB V8, the Challenge’s powertrain features specific engine mapping, optimised for racing performance, and shorter gear ratios providing up to an 11.6% increase in acceleration out of turns compared to the naturally-aspirated 458 Challenge EVO.The F1 DCT transmission features a new racing shift strategy which enables the car to accelerate from a standstill to maximum revs in 4th gear in just six seconds. Further improvements include a reduction in overall powertrain weight, with 19.7 kg being shaved off the engine and a further 8.5 kg off the exhaust system.

This 488 Challenge did one season Club Challenge in 2018.
During the season it was professionally transported and serviced.
No damages are on the car. The car is fully covered in XPell protection film.

This car will come with:
1 extra set of Rims with new Rain tires
Battery charger
AIM Camera and Telemetry set
Winter stands
Size L driver seat
Passenger Kit with size L seat

For more information about this race car, please contact:
Rik Hettema
+31(0)742555370 or come by in Hengelo.