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Re: Sebring -2017

Posted: Sat 18. Mar 2017, 16:27
by challenger24

Re: Sebring -2017

Posted: Sat 18. Mar 2017, 21:03
by challenger24
Ford, Ford, Ford and Ferrari

Re: Sebring -2017

Posted: Sun 19. Mar 2017, 05:55
by challenger24
Corvette Wins Third Straight in GTLM at Sebring

Full story ... t-sebring/

Re: Sebring -2017

Posted: Wed 5. Apr 2017, 08:32
by woody
Corvette wins....that damned IMSA is corrupt, the Vette is old and obsolete and the ONLY way it won was favorable BOP...the Risi team leaves for Long Beach tomorrow and the Sebring engine remained in the #62 Risi Ferrari....after Long Beach the engine will be used later this year as a LeMans test days engine and a new LeMans special engine will be installed...haven't posted here lately as I am doing some racing myself, when I was a teenager I raced BMX....I am now after 30 years racing BMX again, getting myself in great shape...finished 3rd in my first race back, I was actually leading the main for the first 80'% of the race but was gassed because I'm not in the shape I need to be in just yet...but having fun as hell at 53...what the hell is wrong with this website? won't let me post pictures again dammit...

Sebring 2017

Posted: Sat 29. Dec 2018, 05:02
by Herbertemare
Hi folks,

I'm planning for 2018 a little already, the 12h race in Sebring seems to be on Saturday, March 17, 2018.
Anyone knows when they open the gates for the campsites? Is it Wednesday?