Ferrari engine manufacturing?

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Ferrari engine manufacturing?

Post by JoeClark » Mon 30. Oct 2017, 14:42


Does someone know for sure that all Ferrari engines are made by Ferrari themselves in Maranello? Like the Ferrari 360, is it made in house alldata mitchell. My customers have seen the National Geographic program on the Ferrari 599 and it shows Ferrari actually making the engine from scratch, pouring the aluminium etc. Do they also do that for their 360's, 430's etc? Or do they get them made somewhere else.

For more details: story telling videos

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Re: Ferrari engine manufacturing?

Post by F355CH » Tue 7. Nov 2017, 09:26

Interesting, why not in Maranello produced?

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Ferrari engine manufacturing

Post by WarnerDuefs » Thu 17. Jan 2019, 16:11

actually more importantly it won the best engine in last 20 years.. not only engine of the year..

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Ferrari engine manufacturing

Post by bennieSlusa » Thu 25. Apr 2019, 01:28

That is awesome engine cover with glass. I never see this before.
Can you please post also the price of that cover. I am not buying
but asking for the information. because I dont have the Ferrari 458.
But when I buy that in my life I will defiantly buy that car.

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