For sale at BH Auction Japan – 2009 Ferrari 430 GTC

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  • ◎Raced in the 2009 FIA GT Championship Series in the GT2 class
  • ◎Raced in the Super GT/GT300 class in 2010 and 2012
  • ◎3rd place podium finish in the 2011 Super GT Round 3 at Sepang
  • ◎In race ready condition

Ferrari F430 GTC took the place of the 360GTC which debuted in 2006. It is built for the FIAGT2 class race. The prestigious Michelotto Automobili was asked by Maranero’s Corse Clienti division to develop this car. Combined with the restrictor, the mid V8 Tipo F136 GT unit reduced the displacement to 3997cc in order to gain the best performance.

Aerodynamics was refined by attaching a rear wing to the body. In their first race in 2006 at the 12 Hours of Sebring, due to a wheel nut trouble they finished 11th. Still they were able to show that the car had the potential to win in this class. Later they won the opening race at the Europe Le Man Series and FIGAT championship

The car won various titles after this. The car won the FIAGT2 Manufacturers Cup and the Drivers title in 2006 and 2007, FIAGT2 drivers title in 2008, American Le Man GT2 series Manufacturers Cup in 2007 and Le Man LMGT-2 class in 2008. The car put up for auction was produced in 2009 and its chassis number is “F131EVOGTC2640”.

The Ferrari works, AF Corse, raced this car under the name of PecomRacing at the FIAGT Championship GT2 class. It was the 3rd F430GTC that they raced and it was driven by the Argentine Matthis Russo and Luis Perez Companc. It finished 12th in the Tourist Trophy, 10th at the Algarve, and 12th at the Circuit Paul Ricard. In 2010, the Japanese LMP Motor Sports purchased the car. The team owner Yutaka Yamagishi and Hiroshi Koizumi raced in the SUPERGT Series, GT300 class as “NAC Eisei COM LMP Ferrari”. In the 6th race, they finished 7th with a team ranking of 13th.

In 2011, in collaboration with the animation “Shinryaku! Ika Musme”, they rapped the car with Ika Musume design, and entered as “PACIFICNAC Ika Musume Ferrari”. As Hideki Yamauchi as the new driver, they finished 4th in the qualifier at the opening series, Okayama International, and 2nd for the Super Lap. For the race they finished 5th.
At the 3rd race, at Sepang International Circuit, they finished 3rd and in the 6th race, at Fuji they finished 7th. The team ranking remained the same as previous year at 13th but they left a strong impression.

In 2012, with Takuto Iguchi and Yamagishi as drivers, they continued to race as “PACIFICNAC Ika Musume Ferrari”, but their best finish being 7th at the fifth race at Suzuka 1000km and team ranking 18th, it proved to be the last year that F430GTC#2640 raced.The F430GTC is the epitome of the Ferrari GT Racer of the 2000s, and considered a success. #2640 had success in Europe and Japan and is still in ready-to-race condition. Of the only 53 F430GTC that was produced, it has a unique history. The F430 GTC, a Ferrari GT racer representing the 2000’s and said to be a successful work, was active in the European and Japanese race scenes. Furthermore, # 2640, is still in excellent “ready to race” condition. You can say this is one of the F430 GTCs, which is said to have produced 24 units, with an unusual history, created by Michelott’s own hands. It also holds a qualification for participation in the Ferrari Club Competizione GT, which has been attracting attention in recent years.

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