For sale – 2012 Ferrari 458 GT3

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An ex-AF Corse car / Chassis No 3412
Model history:
The Ferrari 458 GT3 was launched in 2011 and superseded the F430 GT3, which had achieved over eighty class victories between 2006–2013. Like its predecessor, it was developed as a ground-up racing car and built in collaboration with Michelotto Automobili, the same factory-endorsed organisation responsible for countless racing Ferraris as well as the development of the 288 GTO and F40.

The engine is a bespoke 4.5-litre V-8 built for motorsport purposes, with only the engine block carried over from the road-going 458 Italia. It produces 550 bhp at 9,000 rpm, with 550 Nm of torque with GT3 specification restrictors in place and over 600 bhp without them. Power is channelled through a Hewland MLS six-speed sequential gearbox with steering-wheel-mounted paddles and Hewland’s ‘Paddle Shift’ gear-change system. The entire transmission weighs just 66 kg and, like the rest of the car, is an exercise in weight saving; the bodywork is nearly all carbon fibre and features the fully race-optimised aerodynamic package, including a colossal rear wing and diffuser at the rear and splitter at the front. A lightweight aluminium chassis, MR630 Technomesh forged Motegi racing wheels and Lexan polycarbonate glazing complete the package and together reduce kerb weight to just 1,250 kg. It is thus over 200 kg lighter than the road-going variant, with immeasurably more downforce and mechanical grip.

As with all racing Ferraris, the 458 GT3 was expected to be a potent package, and so it proved with an endless list of wins, the most notable of which are six victories in the 24 hours of Spa as well as Pro-Am victories in the Blancpain Endurance Series in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Specific history of this car:
Chassis #3412 was built by Michelotto in 2012 and delivered new to the Ferrari Works team AF Corse in Piacenza two start its racing career in 2013. A technical passport was issued on 29 April 2013 by the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium in the name of AF Corse.

In 2013 the GT3 raced in the FIA GT championship, in International GT Open and Blancpain endurance races under AF Corse with racing number #51 and #56:

• 1 Apr, FIA GT Nogaro, Onidi/Salaquarda, DNS
• 14 Apr, Blancpain 3h of Monza, Barreiros/Guedes, 3rd in class
• 2 Jun, Blancpain 3h of Silverstone, Barreiros/Mann/Guedes, 5th in class
• 30 Jun, Blancpain 3h of Paul Ricard, Barreiros/Mann/Guedes, 3rd in class
• 7 Jul, FIA GT Zandvoort, Onidi/Salaquarda, 7th in class
• 28/29 Jul, 24h of Spa Francorchamps, Berreiros/Mann/Guedes

/Mezard, 12th in class
• 18 Aug, FIA GT Slovakia Ring, Onidi/Salaquarda, 4th in class
• 22 Sep, Blancpain 1.000km Nürburgring, Barreiros/Mann/Guedes, DNF
• 6 Oct, Int. GT Open Monza, Onidi/Salaquarda, Race 1: 26th, Race 2: 4th
• 10 Nov, Int. GT Open Barcelona, Onidi/Salaquarda, Race 1: 6th, Race 2: 4th

In 2014 the car raced in the French FFSA GT Tour championship under the entry of Sport Garage as well as under AF Corse in international races:

• 27 Apr, Le Mans, Vannelet/Lorgere-Roux, Race 1: 7th, Race 2: 2nd
• 31 May, Ledenon, Vannelet/Lorgere-Roux, Race 1: 9th, Race 2: DNF
• 22 Jun, Spa-Francorchamps, Vannelet/Lorgere-Roux, Race 1: 5th, Race 2: DNF
• 6 Jul, Val de Vienne, Vannelet/Lorgere-Roux, Race 1: DNF, Race 2: DNS
• 7 Sep, Magny-Cours, Vannelet/Lorgere-Roux, Race 1: 11th, Race 2: DNF
• 21 Sep, 1.000km of Nürburgring, Barreiros/Mann/Guedes, 7th in class
• 28 Sep, Nogaro, Vannelet/Lorgere-Roux, Race 1: DISQ, Race 2: 4th

In 2015 the car was entered by AF Corse in the GT Sports club under racing number #53:

• 19 Apr, Barcelona, Soenen, 2nd in class
• 21 Jun, Paul Ricard, Soenen, 3rd in class
• 6 Sep, Algarve, Soenen, 3rd in class
• 4 Oct, Miano, Soenen, Winner in class

After the season the car passed to the Italian hill climb specialist Lucio Peruggini who won the official FIA Hill Climb Master European championship not only in 2016, but also in 2017 and 2018!

The car was then sold to a collector who had #3412 restored and put back into its 2013 livery. It is now presented in track ready condition and will be sold with a new seat and new harnesses to be chosen by the buyer. The car accompanies its original technical passport as well as one set of spare wheels.

This is a rare opportunity to find a multiple championship winning Ferrari 458 GT3 for sale in track prepared condition. The car is eligible for the fast growing and highly prestigious Ferrari Club Competizioni GT as well as the Masters Racing series and the Ferrari Club Germany (FCD) championship.

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