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In the social networks appear increasingly converted Ferrari F40, which are touted as F40 LM. With a trained eye, however, one can quickly recognize the dizziness. The 18 F40 LM (numbered 1-19 o. No. 17), which were built by Michelotto for Ferrari, always have side windows made of plastic with a sliding element and in no case have a Pininfarina logo on the sides. There are always three instead of two NACA air intakes on the flanks, covered main instead of folding headlights, an enlarged central inlet on the front and an outlet in the front hood. In addition a double and center-supported rear wing, which would make the vehicle impassable without the front splitter.

Added to this is a connection (electricity?) Behind the driver’s door as well as a circular opening at the rear for the compressed air connection of the lift as another distinguishing feature.

Well-known originals include an LM who recently received a blue / white “N.A.R.T. strip” (# 97893). Before, he was seen on some photos with six instead of five spokes on the front wheels. Original is also the sky blue car (# 74045), which was officially rebuilt from a F40 prototype to LM and later privately upgraded with GTE parts and another gearbox. Not original is a newly restored F40 with LM parts, which participated in 1996 as “Hamann remodeling” on the BPR series (# 84326). He recognizes u. a. on profile tires and the Pininfarina lettering on the sides. Very bad is a yellow car, which was initially seen as a coupe on various racetracks and now misinterpreted as “F40 LM Spider”. This is NOT a Ferrari. The car was created under the direction of Jean “Beurly” Blaton, who also got an original LM (# 88520). In no case, we are an original of a blue foil or silver gray, black or yellow paint known. A British street legal could have # 79891 since 01/07/2016 spotted on the streets of Monaco with the # 40 and “0123 / Art Sports” sticker. Together with # 79890 these are the first two prototypes with an extensive racing history.

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Here are the originals:

#1 79890 25.01.91
#2 79891 25.01.91
#4 88513 23.05.90
#5 88520 07.01.91
#3 88521 16.05.90
#6 88522 08.01.91
#7 88523 05.12.90
#8 88524 21.12.90
#9 92235 22.09.91
#10 92236 20.01.91
#11 92237 20.01.91
#12 92238 19.12.91
#13 74045 19.05.92
#14 95448 23.12.92
#15 95449 27.01.93
#16 97881 08.06.93
#17 (Nr. nicht vergeben)
#18 97893 08.06.93
#19 97904 06.07.93

(Text: © L. Beringer “A. Bisbini”, Foto: Ferrari S.p.A.)

(Foto: © Ferrari S.p.A.)

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