Ferrari 575 GTC for sale in Italy

On of only 6 remaining worldwide Ferrari 575 GTC 2003 for sale

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Ferrari 575 GTC
History making model developed exclusively for “Ferrari Corse Clienti”. Seen as a very competitive racing car. As one of only 6 remaining worldwide, his value will increase for years to come. One of the most victorious cars built by Ferrari

Including technical passport CSAI/FIA
Full package of tires, wheels, spare parts and equipment
Complete package of racing spare parts (official Ferrari):
• 6 wheels O.Z. Racing
• 2 sets clutches AP Racing carbon
• 2 sets new alternators
• 2 sets axle shafts
• 1 rear wing
• 2 set discharges
• frames
• 1 front nose
• series gears for track
• series gears for specific climb (exclusive)
• bride aspiration
• wheel nuts
• 2 set hubs
• 1 anti-roll bar
• box of electrical equipment (cables, sensors, etc.).
• box of small parts
• 3 new Pirelli tires
• various sets used tires (slick and rain)
• revision total transmission X-Trac (km 0)
• Kit Equipment Specification
• Electronic Management Software Kit

Location: Italy
Ready for Race.
Asking Price: P.O.R

It is also possible to agree on a program of technical management and after sales assistance in Italy and overseas

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