ClassicDriver: Racing into a future of restriction

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Among the most obvious automotive trends in recent years has been the explosion of interest in modern-era endurance racing cars, facilitated by the emergence of several dedicated racing series and events both in Europe and across the pond.

And it’s a trend that Jan B. Lühn, who’s been a stalwart supporter of these evocative cars for longer than most, doesn’t anticipate faltering anytime soon. “Of course, cars from the most prestigious brands command higher prices, as do those with Le Mans history, but you’d be surprised how accessible this flourishing world can be,” he says. “An overall or class win at Le Mans can result in a 100-percent premium, but a no-brainer entry-level car would be a Porsche 996 GT3 R, RS or RSR. Sure, the production numbers are huge compared to Ferrari’s, but it’s easy to run and spare parts are readily available.”

Such is the demand for the most successful and original Works racers from top-tier collectors that Lühn has often agreed the purchase and subsequent sale of a GTE car before the season has even finished – a stark contrast to the 1950s and ’60s, when redundant racing cars could be bought for pittance.

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