2018 Ferrari 488 Challenge at Bonhams Auction Monterey

Estimate: US$ 225,000 – 250,000 / € 200,000 – 220,000

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2018 Ferrari 488 Challenge
VIN. ZFF87EXX000227921
3.9 Liter Turbo V8
493bhp at 8000rpm
7-Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
4-Wheel Disc Brakes
4-Wheel Independent Suspension

*Eligible for The Ferrari Challenge Series 2020 and Beyond
*Features complete log book and service from new.
*Recent service work completed
*Immediate track support available


Since the announcement of Ferrari’s single-make racing series in 1992, coined the Ferrari Challenge series, there have been over 1000 races, and equally as man drivers taking part in up to three series organized over three continents. Over the years, the Ferrari Challenge series has proved to be an ideal platform for drivers looking to compete in international GT and prototype championships. An impressive number of the series’ alumni have gone on to win in internationally recognized series such as Grand-Am, IMSA, the FIA World Endurance Championship and even the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Commencing with the 348, Ferrari Challenge evolved to the 355 and 360 Modena before offering F430, and 458 platforms. Today, the 488 Challenge is the first ever turbo-charged model to race in the series and is the most powerful Challenge car ever. At the heart of the 488 Challenge car is a 3.9-liter turbo V-8 derived from the road car series production engine, with a peppy 493 hp output, that took the overall 2016 International Engine of the Year Award.

Thanks to extensive development of the car’s engine, aerodynamics, and chassis, the 488 Challenge reaches new levels of performance, chopping a second off the Fiorano lap time of the preceding 458 Challenge EVO for a new record of 1’15.5″. Compared to the production 488 GTB V8, the Challenge’s powertrain features specific engine mapping, optimized for racing performance, and shorter gear ratios. The variable torque management has been modified to prompt the driver to shift up at the ideal moment during longitudinal acceleration, thus making maximum use of the performance characteristics of the turbo engine. The F1 DCT transmission features a new racing shift strategy which enables the car to accelerate from a standstill to maximum revs in 4th gear in just six seconds. Further improvements include a reduction in overall powertrain weight.

Concerning vehicle dynamics, Ferrari’s patented Slip Slip Control (SSC) software makes its first-ever appearance on a Challenge car. The SSC is integrated with the vehicle electronic dynamic controls and is calibrated, along with the traction control and E-Diff3, to improve turn-in, cornering, and acceleration out of corners ensuring that maximum traction is provided throughout.

To enable Challenge drivers to tailor the car’s handling to their driving style to an even higher degree, the vehicle control functions (traction and braking) are now governed independently, thanks to the adoption of three manettinos. One is dedicated just to braking, while the other two, set either side of the steering wheel, govern the traction control and electronic differential.

These two manettinos regulate the two phases of traction control, meaning they work independently on when and how the intervention activation occurs. The right-hand manettino (TC1) governs ‘when,’ in other words, the point of intervention under acceleration. The left-hand one (TC2) instead governs ‘how,’ controlling the degree of intensity of torque reduction as it senses the rear wheels spin.


The Ferrari 488 Challenge offer here is fresh from 2 seasons of racing action, competing in the 2017-2019 editions of the Ferrari Challenge series where it was successfully campaigned by The Collection (Ferrari of Miami).

Living under the care of a professional racing program, this example comes complete with an entire set of log books dating back to the car’s initial delivery; something rarely seen and provided when searching for a Challenge series car. Complimenting its history of maintenance records, this 488 Challenge has also been recently inspected, serviced, and is prepared for track use.
Represented today in Ferrari’s iconic Rossa Corsa livery, the exterior color is the only conventional part of this incredible masterpiece of engineering. Low stance, winglets, and the exaggerated rear wing and front valence all work to direct air through and around this car. Ferrari has successfully created a production racing car that can easily be campaigned by a weekend track day hobbyist or immediately entered into today’s Ferrari Challenge series.

The Ferrari 488 Challenge’s ease of use allows drivers of any skill level, from novice to pro, to race a car equally suited for the 24 Hours of LeMans as it is for building practical race craft at the local track. The buyer of this car can be confident that there will be plenty of support in running this car with aggression on track for years to come.

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