2001 Ferrari 360 N-GT for sale by Jan B. Lühn

One of the most important 360 GT
Chassis No 001
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Model history:
The Ferrari 360 N-GT was based on 360 Challenge car and tuned by Michellotto for the newly developed N-GT category of the FIA GT Championship. At that time it was the fastest version of the Ferrari 360 with over 540 bhp when derestricted. The 360 N-GT was capable of a top speed of around 310 km/h and on many occasions it outperformed the newer F430 GT cars of its time.In the first year Ferrari authorized Michelotto to built three cars (000, 001 and 002). The success of these cars later led to the 360 GT.

Specific history of this car:

This car, Ferrari 360 N-GT #001 was ordered by Peter Kutemann in October 1999 at Ferrari Monaco and was delivered in February 2000. All invoices for this are still on file. The car then immediately went to Michelotto in Padua where it was then modified and developed by Michelotto to N-GT spec. 

2000 FIA GT:

• 2000/apr/28, dnf, Spa Ferrari Days, Kutemann, #71
• 2000/may/13, 24th OA/13th N-GT, Silverstone, Alliot/Kutemann, #71

The team JMB was asked by Michelotto on the end of the 1999 season to race and develop together with Michelotto a GT on the basis of the F360 Modena Challenge and homologate for the FIA-N-GT series during the season 2000. Michelotto started the development.

• 2000/jul/23, 20th OA/9th N-GT, Zolder, Alliot/Kutemann, #71
• 2000/oct/22, 24th OA/11th N-GT, Magny Cours, Alliot/Kutemann, #71
• 2000/oct/22, 2nd N-GT, Vallelunga, Capelli/Kutemann/Terrien, #71

2001 FIA GT:

• 2001/apr/25, 19th OA/7th FFSA, Le Mans Race 1, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/apr/25, 13th OA/4th FFSA, Le Mans Race 2, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/may/1, 21st OA/9th FFSA, Magny Cours Race 1, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/may/1, 43rd OA/11th FFSA Magny Cours Race 2, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/jun/3, 14th OA/9th FFSA, Pau, Alexander/Terrien, #37
• 2001/jul/15, 12th OA/4th FFSA, Monza Race 1, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/jul/15, 9th OA/2nd FFSAMonza Race 2, Alexander/Kutemann, #37
• 2001/oct/21, 14th OA/7th N-GT, Estoril, Alexander/Kutemann, #99

2002 FIA GT:

• 2002/apr/21, 13th OA/6th N-GT, Magny Cours, Alexander/Kutemann/Pregliasco, #53
• 2003/may/4, 17th OA/6th N-GT, Silverstone, Alexander/Lambertini /Pregliasco, #53
• 2002/may/19, 11th OA/5th N-GT, BrnoAlexander/Lambertini/Pregliasco, #53
• 2002/jun/2 ,23rd OA/12th N-GTJaramaAlexander/Lambertini /Pregliasco, #53
• 2002/jun/30, 22nd OA/12th N-GT, Anderstorp, Alexander/Kutemann/Pregliasco, #53
• 2002/jul/17, 16th OA/8th N-GT, Oschersleben, Alexander/Kutemann/Pregliasco, #53

2003 FIA GT:

• 2003/apr/6, 20th OA/ 10th GT, Barcelona, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/apr/27, 18th OA/ 11th GT, Magny Cours, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/may/11, 14th OA/ 6th GT, Pergusa, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/may/25, 20th OA / 11th GT, Brno, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/jun/29, 17th OA / 8th GT, Donington, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/jul/6, acc, 24h Spa, Kutemann/Gosse/Earle/Pregliasco, #68
• 2003/sep/7, 18th OA / 11th GT, Anderstorp, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/sep/21, dnf, Oschersleben, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/oct/5, 19th OA/11th N-GT, Estoril, Kutemann/Gosse, #53
• 2003/oct/19, 15th OA/7th GT, Monza, Kutemann/Gosse, #53

After the 2003 season the car retired from the bigger races and was only used for two races in 2005 for the Italian GT championship.

After that the car remained only in private hands. It is presented now in perfect running condition and will be sold as one of the most original N-GTs in existence. The car comes with an impressive history folder which not only includes all original sales contracts and invoices, but also a lot of original period photos.

This is an ideal car for the new championships by Peter Auto (Global Endurance Legends, the Masters series or the newly created Ferrari Club Competizioni GT.

• Ferrari SpA
• Michelotto SpA
• barchetta.cc
• Michael Jurtin (photos)

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