1997 Ferrari F355 Challenge for sale – ex Paul Newman

Asking is US 249.000 $

There are several factors, outlined below, that make this Ferrari particularly rare, desirable, collectible and unique.

This Ferrari marks the end of an era for Ferrari, but it is the last known factory built road and track Ferrari with a legitimate title from a Ferrari dealer:  Again, this is the last true road and track Ferrari sold with a title from a Ferrari dealer, usable on the street and racetrack.

First:  This is the last in a long line of classic Ferraris that could be driven to the track, raced and then driven home, just like the legendary 250GTO. It is a Ferrari race car yet it features power windows, power mirrors, a leather dash with classic analog gauges and a horn. None of the Challenge cars built after this are dual purpose cars. (Not the 360CH, 430CH, 458CH nor 488).

Second:  It is the last Ferrari race car built that features the classic Ferrari gated shifter and a manual gearbox.  Unlike later Ferrari Challenge cars, this Ferrari features gear ratios that are perfectly suited for the road and track and a clutch that can be driven on the street and track.

It is also the Ferrari, for track or road, produced that actually features a true mechanical connection from your right foot, via an actual accelerator cable, to eight individual throttles.  After the 355/550 Ferrari went to drive by wire and the actual physical connection between the driver and the engine was forever severed.

Third:  TITLE FROM FERRARI DEALER. What makes this Ferrari particularly unique and desirable is the fact that while there are believed to have been only 108 or 109 factory constructed 355CH racers (I have spoken directly with Ferrari in Maraenello ), this is the only 355CH known to have been sold with a road Title from a Ferrari dealer.  This is the only known factory built 355CH that comes with a Title from a Ferrari dealer so it can be driven on the street legally.  All 1996 or later 355CH were built by the factory and all 1996 and later 355CH were to be sold without Titles as they were to be race use only.

This is because when OBDII cars were mandated for 1996 Ferrari could no longer sell the 1995 model for road use in the United States.  However, the 355 Challenge series was based on the OBDI cars.  So when customers wanted new cars to race in the 355 Challenge Series Ferrari would, at the factory, build a brand new, OBD1 355 Challenge race car.   But as the U.S. Government prohibited the sale of OBD1 cars for road use, Ferrari sold these new, post-1995 cars as for race use only.  For whatever reason, this car was actually titled and by the actual owner of multiple Ferrari authorized dealerships, making this car truly unique and desirable. Actual factory built 355CH, not the kit based cars but fully factory built cars, do not have titles and thus cannot be driven on the street—except this one does have a Ferrari dealer issued title and it is therefore usable on the track and on the street. (While some people may have later finagled titles in round about ways, they do not have Titles from Ferrari)

Fourth:  In addition to this Ferrari’s unique rarity (see below), this Ferrrari 355CH is also believed to be the Ferrari Paul Newman drove at Lime Rock.  Pictures of Newman in the Ferrari were displayed at the Ferrari factory museum, at the 60th Anniversary Ferrari festivities and in articles around the world.

This car’s ownership history features a series of older Gentleman racer-collectors.  The car was maintained by the most renown company in the United States. In fact, there is a 355CH on display at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and the car on display is one of this shop’s cars.

This 355CH was restored in 2015-2016. The Engine out service was performed and the motor detailed.

The interior was restored with new leather on the dash and a beautiful Alcantara headliner.

The rear leather shelf was also fitted with better than OEM leather trimming which is clearly visible through the rear quarter glass.

All the interior plastic switches were refinished so as to eliminate any of the so called “sticky” parts.

New Challenge seat covers were obtained from Italy, including seat cushions, to restore the seats to new looking condition.

The racing seat belts were also refreshed.

The under carriage was detailed.

The lightweight Challenge wheels were refinished.

New Pirelli Trofeo tires were fitted.

The Ferrari was painted with the proper Ferrari Gallo using the formula from the 275GTB.

Sold AS IS.

Direkt link to the sale https://www.ebay.com/itm/1997-Ferrari-355/173136713102?hash=item284fc0958e:g:OyoAAOSw6GJaSFrR&vxp=mtr

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